Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, Ya'll!

Two more quilty projects coming in here at the end of the year! First, the 15 little Christmas mug rugs all got bound, and I have a few left to put in the box for next year. The other is this round one ~

 It lays flat, but you cannot tell from this photo!  :-}

This was going to be a table topper for Beth's round coffee table, so here was the starting place. Using only cherry prints and 'pokeydots' I created strata, and then cut with the cool 10 degree wedge ruler. 36 wedge pieces later, there was the finished center.
I was showing it to her before it was finished, and she loved it so much, she wanted it for a tablecloth. Wow, that took the circle from 45 inches to 72", quite a difference! So, I went to my stash, and found the tiny red pindots, and the cherry print gingham. Now there was extensions to add to the circle, but my match worked---amazing, huh?

 There may be a bit of the gingham left, but it took every bit of my red pindot--do you see the piece that I made do with? I felt the color was what was most important. There is that "Why NOT?!?" factor, too...
it adds visual fun ~
 The next challenge was how to go about getting it quilted. She only wanted it to be finished with flannel since it was to be on the table and not as thick as a quilt batt, so I made a big square of cloth by sewing the selvage side edge together. You know, the quilt frame doesn't accommodate circles, lol! I taped the flannel to the floor...

then, I used this spray adhesive to attach the circle to the flannel square. Who wants to mess with pins while you quilt? It held the circle beautifully ~

Now, it's finished and on her table, 
oops- without a finish photo! But, it was a learning project, and I love the challenge to grow in our craft. 

Yippee, one more to have on the 2013 finish list!

  ~ finished 
Ticker Tape
mug rugs ~
Happy New Year 2014!

"Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16


  1. Wow, the circle is fabulous. I love, love, love the "make do" piece. That is just the sort of feature we look for and love in antique quilts, but we never do that in modern times. It's great. Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations on the table topper...you met the challenge...woohoo!!! Another job well done, for sure! Love the mug rugs, too. Have a Happy New Year...and may you receive many blessings.

  3. I was starting a comment and it disappeared, so if this is a repeat, please delete. I was saying how sweet that table topper is! You know I love those string-y, wedge-y circles! Happy New Year, Pokey!

  4. Great job, Pokey. What a cheery colorful table cover you have come up with. Don't you just love it when things work out when you are kind of flying by the seat of your pants!! Happy New Year, my friend Carol.

  5. What great gifts! Love the table topper, aren't you clever to make it all come together?
    Happy New Year..may good things come your way!
    big Hugs

  6. Beautiful!! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Joyous New Year!

  7. A wonderful finish to the year. beautiful work.

  8. I love the circle ! Truly love it! The gingham just adds a special touch of whimsy...

  9. Oh wow Gwen your round tabletop is beautiful! How creative to use spray basting to quilt it on your longarm! I will have to look into the 10 degree ruler. I have a round table too that I would love to have a table top for. Great idea to use the ticker tape to make mug rugs. You have been busy girl!

  10. I do love that table topper!!!! You have such cheerful choices of colors. :)

    Happy New Year!

  11. Looks great! I have never used that ruler before. Was it hard? What type of quilting did you do? Happy New Year :).

  12. You may have just out done yourself here...lovely!!!

  13. Really great ideas, Pokey. I too love the little "make do" piece of red fabric. I have even started to piece together strips in the same color to make strip quilts and use every bit of fabric. Happy New Year to you!

  14. I have that ruler and all I do is take it out and look at it and then put it away. What you have done is simply wonderful...maybe I should go hunt it down and do something with it.

  15. That tablecloth is amazing. A couple of months ago I bought the 10 degree ruler to make one of these. You did a great job adding the borders to make it larger. Happy New Year to you!

  16. Oh my! I sure like that round table-topper! It's pieced with such pretty colors, and the flannel backing is a great idea. Your ticker tape mug rugs are really neat too. You make such nice things!

  17. This is fantastic. I love how you accomplished the circle. Your make do piece is perfect.

    Jess and I have use 505 for a couple of years now and will not easily go back to pinning if we ever have to.


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