Monday, September 20, 2010

Aw, Shucks...

Have you seen this button around?

It seems it found its way to me. Versatile?
[vur-suh-tl] adjective
  1. capable of turning easily from one to another of various tasks or fields of endeavors
  2. capable of many uses
  3. variable or changeable as in feeling or purpose
How's that for a teacher's approach?

First, I want to thank Carla and Lynda for the honor. I told Carla I thought my list would be boring. My family gave me a few things to mention. Here is my list of seven little known facts about me...

  1. I grew up military, as did my husband. I've lived in many places, including Japan. I met Larry in Anchorage, Alaska.
  2. I attended 19 schools before graduating from high school. I didn't attend Kindergarten, but I taught it for 18 years. My Momma taught me to read before I went to first grade.
  3. I love to sing.
  4. I cannot type! While in college, I sewed 3 dresses (one was a Renaissance Gunne Sax dress!) and did mending to get my papers turned in properly. Who do you think was getting the better deal?
  5. I have done woodworking, and the first power tools purchased for our home was bought for me. But, last Father's Day, we bought a nice steam iron for Larry...! Larry irons better than I do....
  6. I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior 2 days before my 17th birthday. That Christmas, my folks bought me the Bible that I still use to this day.
  7. I must put my stash in order before I can show it to ANYBODY!
There you go, a little about little ol' me.

Now, I want to name several of you that make me so happy to read your posts, and give such encouragement back to me. But I'm gonna say you do not have to participate, and I know some of you already have. No order in particular....

and there's Barb, Michelle, Kim, Lynda, Carla, Jean, Gene, Pat, Nanci, Leslie, Thelma, Rita, Trish,... Thank you all for the inspiration, encouragements and just plain poppin' in to say HI!
Now, let's get out there and continue to be Versatile!

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah Fielke of The Last Piece~

See Sarah's cool giveaway...

these fabrics aren't even available yet!

Happy Quilting!

p.s. I finished the "John Deere Pink", Hoping I can share them soon! smiles!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's A Friday (Flimsy) Finish!

Lydia has a baby's first birthday to go to. Now, Lydia loves ladybugs ~ hence the nickname Lydibug ~ and she has quite a collection of fabrics in this theme!

Baby Zoe's mommy likes ladybugs, too, so Lydia decided to share. We made the top this week, and I ironed Zoe's name on when I came home from "Back to School" tonight.

This is the disappearing nine patch, in 4 1/2" squares. Lydia made the original 9 patches with the ladybugs in the 5 corner positions, I whacked and put it back together.

WooHoo! Look at these prints!

The border is the 4 1/2" cut in two, and then "checkered" with the pink.

I'll join in at Amy's to show it with the other finishes this week, come see!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank You, Lynda!

Lookie what came to live in California with me?

A mushroom, a ladybug,

a bittie daisy

and some great prints. A pokey dot mountain, lol
There was some yummy Utah truffles, too...was...YUM!!

Thank you, Lynda!
Love, pokey

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keepin' It Real

I was reading over at Vickie's blog, and she shared on coming across a "challenging" sewing lesson. Haven't we all had those times? We don't always share, though. (Mary had shared recently, too, and since their same challenge had happened regarding the same project, I'd say there might need to be some changes to the product.) I was thinking that we sometimes ought to present the problems we face, just to keep the quilting real. It sure has inspired me.

I had sewn my crazy patches (for the last quilt I completed) way before the quilt was finished, August '07! When I shared my quilt in class, I also expressed the fact that the squares were 'a pain' and finished out almost 1 1/2" smaller than the pattern I'd used from a magazine
had said they should (because of the -razzle-frazzle!- bias).Well, it had me frustrated, and I put them away. Not being all the way a dummy, thankfully I squared them up before packing them.

When Press had approached me at the end of June for a quilt in September (!), the packed away squares made it easier to forgive my imperfections and use these perfectly good -but not true to the "pattern"- pieced patches, and go on to what I'm happy to call a completion.

Anyway, after "share time" in my quilting class, two different people came and told me, "You know, if you kept this to yourself, no one would know." I realize they were only encouraging me. The fact still stands, though, that if we do not share the reality of creative struggles, there are those of us (maybe new to quilting?) who would not continue the craft if they do not "discover" we all hit a tough lesson in our projects from time to time. It's not all projects, but it does help to know that problems can be part of the creative process. Maybe this is why I enjoy puzzles....

Aside from lessons learned, I have a couple of sweet quilts I'll be sharing soon, all pink and brown and I'm having fun! Sometimes, quilting is all good ~

Happy Quilting!

09/06/10 edited to add for Rita's question~
As far as the magazine the crazy patch pattern came from, shucks if I remember! But you can probably trace one out, it has five pieces, four go around the center "cup". It was red check first, then navy floral, 3-white background stars, 4-red, then 5-triangle of r/w/b/brick print. I created my own stars. Personally, if I were to try this patch again, I think I'd paper piece it. Sorry, I hope this helps a bit ~