Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Our America" Quilt

I was asking a lot of my sweet Larry..."Okay, hold it up off the ground...."

"The light would be better outside, let's try out there...."

"Okay. Could you hold the back up again...?"

"Pokey, do you know how hot it is?"

"Yea, but that time it looked like 'a man hiding behind the curtain shot'."

"That's it. We're done. You have to have a good shot there, somewhere!"

"I love you, Larry." "I love you, too, I held your quilt up, didn't I?"

(I'm grinning) ROFL

He's so good to me ~!
Happy Quilting! Pokey

~Edited to add to Amy's Sew and Tell ~ do go visit the other finishes there!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GO! Giveaways ~ Are YOU In? I AM!

You've seen me enjoy the Accuquilt GO! fabric cutter. My friend loaned hers to me, and my sweet little snowflake / flower on the snowgirl's hat was created! Well, I'm wanting to own one of these beauties, and I'm loving the idea of winning one! GO! check out these giveaways, and maybe we both will win!

Here are some of Karen's projects ~

...then, there is our Canadian friend Paulette, with her plaid fun ~

Quilt Hollow is making it look really easy with her baskets ~

...and Jackie has a friendship braid in the works ~

But wait, there's another one at KarrieLyne's blog ~

Oo-o-o, I'm editing to add Heather, too ~

Now, that's 6 opportunities to win this month! Plus there are more when you do the extras, like sharing the fun in your, here's hopin' one of us wins!

Happy Quilting,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night Finish for Amy's Sew and Tell!

It's Friday night at 7:39 p.m., but what can I say? I worked at school in classroom set-up/clean up. Thank you, Lydia, Beth and Jeffrey! We went to a late lunch. We shopped at Joann's for pattern reviews for Lydia's wedding dress (WOW!). Lydia and I came home, and...

Hurray, the quilting is done!

I even signed it.

Okay, I will be binding it this weekend, and I'll share the big finish, but I think it can be posted to Amy's Sew and Tell tonight, I'm tickled!

Go see the other finishes (you'll love Amy's own finish this week)! And, thank you for peeking in!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creating a Smile

I'm making smiles, and wanted to share mine with you...

I love the filtered sun through the window shades this morning...

Hope your day is a happy one!

Want another smile? My blogging friend Lynda is having one sweet giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging. She has some pretty quilts, and finds the time to say hi back, which I always appreciate. Go join in, and (she doesn't ask you to) maybe join in her followers. You'll enjoy the connection to share in her love of quilting. Her giveaway ends September 1st.

Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Far...

Just a few photos to show progress...

on the charity Americana...

on the snowladies
and their evolution, decided to go with the applique smile, not the snaps. Decided I liked the same color outline, not the all black outline Decided in the from Accuquilt die cut to be her 'flower' on her hat, for several reasons
(Would YOU want to cut to cut those by hand? no)
Boy! Don't I want one of these!!

Also, I want to share this sweet pumpkin quilt that came in the mail yesterday. Gail of The Cozy Quilter recently had a giveaway celebrating 30,000 posts. She is a very accomplished quilter! You should see her little pumpkin patch. She also sent along a precious pin from her guild, I'm so honored!! Thank you, Gail!

Happy Quilting!

Edited to add on 8/18/2010:
Yes, I did design the snow girl. As a matter of fact, see the blue grid drawing? That is actually my first rough draft with pencil and 1/4 inch graph paper, and then enlarged on the copier! Notice I moved the bird from one shoulder to the other in the project, since the scarf and the hat/flower were already on the left. I was going for the look of her listening to the birdie's song, but I felt it still had that feel with the girl looking at it, too. My artist husband Larry drew the final birdie. It's a cute one!

Wish I had one completed as I wanted them to be, I still have incomplete prototypes. Oh, precious time...I'm off to the classroom today, but I did get my borders on the charity quilt, yippee!


Monday, August 16, 2010

The Charity Quilt, and Carrie's Wedding

In June, I promised a charity fundraiser quilt to my BIL Preston. He is a Prison Chaplain for a men's correctional facility in Colorado.
This is Preston in the plaid shirt, ready
to take a picture of this load of people in Papa's car.

I immediately thought of using my Americana crazy patches. These were in a baggie labeled "August '07"! Oh those UFO's, they are all over this place...anyway, they are helpful today!

I remember why these were stored. The squares have a lot of bias, and once sewn they were very uneven and lost about 1 inch of size. Frustration!
I had squared them up, and put them away.

I laid them out on my bed and saw that there were not enough to do a bed sized topper which was my goal.

So, I drew out a star. Wonky a bit, but hey, it is for those crazy patches. I wanted to keep the random feel and so I made changes in color and background. Here is the progress so far, pressed and sewn into strips...

I need to get this done, and I'm back to school to prepare my classroom this week. Stay tuned.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful Mother of the Bride, Ginny, and a peek at her dress we hemmed on Wednesday. Carrie was gorgeous, of course, but my photos of her were either blurry or from the back!

Lydia and her third grade teacher! Ginny and Beth sharing a minute at our table.

The men in our life. Note Jerry's book... Lydia and Jeff, with a photo shoot over their

That's all for now.
Happy Quilting!