Friday, July 29, 2011

And, We're Off ~

Lydia and Jeff are minding the house.

Larry and I, Beth and Jerry are starting our road trip!

selecting music cd's before we go

I do not even know if I'll get to check email, or post
or read blogs Yikes! See ya'll sometime in August ~



  1. Hi Pokey, A road trip with friends is always good for some laughs. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Enjoy your visit with her.

    Your sewing room is really looking good. What fun to reorganize, toss out, fondle fabric and plan upcoming projects.

    Love the red and white fabrics. Do you have plans for them?

    I made a Civil War fabric quilt a few years ago. Had a hard time not throwing in a bright, wild fabric to brighten it up!

    I'm really looking forward to your Storm at Sea quilt with all the fun colors and fabrics.

  2. Have a great trip. Blessing to you MIL.

  3. Hi Pokey! Sorry that you are having to make the trip under a cloud of sadness, but rejoice knowing that your MIL is a child of God and only her physical body will someday fade away. I will be keeping her and your FIL, and you and Larry in my prayers. Travel safely, dear one.



  4. Have a good trip.... safe travels!

  5. Be safe Dear friend........I wish I was between Calif and there so you could stop for a visit!
    You are in my prayers.


  6. A fun time is happening! I'm sorry it isn't under better circumstances. Make the best of it, enjoy the time with friends and the time you get to spend with your in-laws.

  7. Time away is ever so important.
    Relax and refresh.

  8. safe travels and enjoy your time with your MIL. Take care! Gail


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