Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun Post

~ love the dots ~

This week has been a complete mix of activity for me, mostly fun. Wednesday, I visited with my bff Beth, to faraway Hemet (not really, but the drive was over an hour by myself) and attended her quilt guild, Maize Stone. The group was friendly, they had bunches of charity quilts and other creativity to share, and a great guest speaker, Wendy Mathson. I would join a guild if I could, but I'm only on a break, so my night school quilt class will do.

Wendy had so many quilts to show, some of them hers, and many done by a group of ladies she works with. She brought a book she's written

and a cool set of rulers that go along with it. Who doesn't like "Storm at Sea", one of my favorites for the curved lines that appear from the different angles? Her method helps you with perfecting your sewn units for a more successful completion.

I purchased her book and rulers at her "guild special" price,

and now have 10 near perfect diamond units. Ten down, 132 to go...who needs quilt alongs, I get myself into enough mischief all by myself...ha ha! (Yes, I LOVE the Farmer's Wife squares showing up everywhere..NO...NO....)

I mentioned waiting on a couple of exchanges,

this little envelope was wait for me when I got home yesterday,

filled with charm squares of

Pokey dots!! I know, you say tomato, I say...

...I say, I bet ya wished you joined in, aren't they sweet!
Thank you, Wendy, for hosting the swap.

In other news, the sewing room is almost paint-complete. We have a friend of the Handy Man sort coming to help us make some construction decisions, shelving, you know, that sort of thing. The hard part will be sorting through and breaking down the necessary fabrics and the ones I should part with. To me all of it is NeCeSSarY, right? Yeah, that's why I say it's the hard part....

This morning at 6:45 a.m., our kitchen thermometer said it was a nice 70 degrees outside, and 79 INSIDE.

So, I grabbed the weed bucket and headed out to deadhead the geraniums around the fountain. It took me an hour (does that tell you I don't do that task as often as needed?).

Here is my little zinnia bed, go see Chris' batch-w.o.w.

Now, it's 83 back inside, and 93 out. I'll be spending some time trying to bring this Google Reader number down, it has not been below 1000 until last night! my dear SIL Jeff told me to clear it, and start fresh, but I just know I'd miss the inspiration of the decade. That is what you guys are to me, pure inspiration of creativity!

How appropriate that my friend Annie was on the screen, I feel like I did one of her "Tuesday's Ort's" post, sharing bit of this and that today. I love her driving rants, I soo-oOo identify with driving frustrations, seeing how we work about 25 miles from home, and I spend more time than I want to driving. Larry and I carpool often to save gas.

Hope you are staying cool (or warm in the case of our "outback" friends), and hope you find some time to create today.



  1. Congratulations on your charm square swap. Lots of fun fabrics! You are a dedicated soul to tackle all of the posts on your reader. But I completely understand. You might missing something really cool.

  2. Look at all those dots!! You'll be seeing spots forever - lol! I look forward to seeing your Storm At Sea :)

  3. Love those pokey-dot fabrics... what fun!

  4. I love the colors of your dots! How fitting for you to have Pokey Dots! Cute!

  5. Ohmygosh, look at all those cute pokey-dots! Love seeing what you're working on.

  6. Love all the polka dots! I don't think I'm capable of making a quilt WITHOUT dots, LOL! The new storm at sea ruler looks intriguing. New projects, don't we love them? Thanks for the shoutout--glad you like my traffic rants. Unfortunately it isn't hard to come up with one every week :)

  7. Wendy's Storm at Sea quilt is gorgeous! Love the colors.

    Pokey dots seems quite appropriate to me. What are you going to make with them?

    Your yard looks amazing. I'm pretty sure I have more weeds than flowers right now.

    Funny how an hours drive is nothing to us if we get to spend time with other quilters and seeing beautiful quilts.

    I see you are enjoying your summer.

  8. That book looks awesome and how fun to get so many polka dot charms back. We did some yardwork here yesterday, but had to stop when it got well over 100 degrees.

  9. I'm just dotty over your new fabric!

  10. Love the dots. Have you seen how much fabric has dots right now? I was looking for a stripe, and rare as hen's teeth. Hot here too. High humidity. UGH

  11. I look forward to seeing one of your storm at sea quilts from that book. The one on the cover is super!

  12. LOVE those pokey dots for sure....lucky you!!!! sounds like a fun week you had!!! and today is much cooler isnt it!!!!

  13. love all of your dots!!!! and yes gardening is like quilting, it never ends!! HOT here too...
    Love your friend's book!!

  14. Sounds like a fun time at the quilt guild! I'm not a quilter but I do love quilts... Wendy's quilt design is neat!

    Your flowers are so pretty! Oh girl, we are two peas in a pod with our blog reading... always behind. If I ever caught up, I'd probably faint, hehe! I'm just like you though, I'm afraid I'll miss out on something if I don't read it all, haha!


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