Monday, July 25, 2011

A Bit of Progress

Hi! We have been doing a number of projects, and a couple have gotten completed. Larry and I worked on the floor (look, Papa, not too bad!)

but we had to take a few boards to other folks to trim the ones that weren't full widths, because we don't own a table saw.

It worked out, but the floor just couldn't get finished in one day....
Today we have been working on the cabinets: purchasing, painting, and our friend Richard is installing and building the countertop.

I went with what was available, a Formica brand, but it had to be custom done because it will have extra depth than an ordinary kitchen cabinet.

I had to go to court Friday, of those lovely cameras on the corners of certain intersections took my picture for not coming to a complete stop. Yes, I'm ashamed to say, I'm not very "pokey" when I'm driving. This is only my second ticket in 30+ years of driving, but you cannot believe the price of that ticket, people! I pleaded "no contest" and asked for consideration, that being I received said ticket 6 months after it being issued (during the time Larry was in the hospital), and the judge knocked off some cost. Are you ready? I still had to pay $450, AND whatever the traffic school will cost. That Comedy Traffic teacher better be pretty funny!

Saturday, we drove up to Bakersfield to be with dear friends from our past. They had to bury their beloved daughter, a 35 year old momma of 4, a childhood playmate of my daughter. Her Daddy was saying how hard it was to stand at the graveside, knowing he would be walking away and leaving her physical body there six feet under. We'll see her again, we praise God for His promise of that...still...hard.

Dad and Mom, and the "kids"-Ginger, Wayne, Larry and Preston

We also received some sad news, which is leading to a trip to Nebraska. My sweet MIL Barb is having a recurring bout with cancer. She and Dad have agreed to not suffer through radiation/chemo treatments. She says she's feeling great right now, just going on with life as it comes.

She has been such an inspiration to me personally, spiritually and in my sewing and quilting. Actually, she was my home economics teacher my senior year in our private Christian high school eons ago.

I already was an accomplished seamstress, and I ended up assisting the new sewing students. I remember at that time in her life, she was sewing EVERYTHING she wore EXCEPT her pantyhose, no kidding, she had even sewn her shoes. She's amazing. I'm glad for the opportunity here before school to be able to go back to Nebraska. Larry and I will be travelling with our friends Beth and Jerry, for moral support and good company.

I've sewn a gown for the trip (no, I'm not modeling it!),

and the stack of Storm at Sea units has grown.

There is this little stack of nine patches, civil war style prints. Lydia wanted to know why I was sewing with such ugly prints. I said I've always liked era quilts, and was trying to do a "brown quilt". If you've never heard me say this before, I love Debbie Mumm, but usually end up with something more Mary Englebreit, lol. Lydia comes by her love of color in her genes, *vbs*! But, I'm hoping this stays a good brown quilt. :-}

And, the red charm squares arrived from Karen, and they are super!

Not a bad piece in the bunch, either! Thank you, Karen and all the 125 participants. I LOVE them ALL!

"Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy;
at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." Psalm 16:11



  1. Ahhh, Pokey, such news is so sad! But wonderful that you KNOW she will be with her heavenly Father, and your family someday will join her. "Oh, what a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see!" I will keep her in my prayers, and your family, of course.
    On a lighter note, I love your storm at sea blocks, and the civil war blocks, are they QAYG? They kind of look it in the pictures. Just wondering... take care and God bless!

  2. I am sorry Pokey. It is wonderful that you all know it won't be long until she's with Jesus but so hard.

    And that mom of young children. I know it's all in God's hands but it is so hard!

  3. Your new floor looks wonderful! So sorry about your MIL. That must be so hard for you all.

  4. Lots of doin's at your place. I'm sorry for the reason you're heading to Nebraska. I'm in the state to the east of there and will say prayers for your safe travels and your MIL. Love the blocks you're making. I've made a Storm at Sea quilt myself (for the 25th anniversary of our "stormy" marriage! ) in red and white. I really like the colors you've chosen for it. And now that I see your red and white prints, I wish I'd joined that swap!

  5. Your kitchen is going to be so pretty!
    Sorry to hear you had to travel to my town for such a sad occasion.
    My prayers are with your MIL, you, and all of your family. She sounds like such a wonderful and gifted woman.

  6. I am so very sorry to hear of your MIL's illness, and yet, so happy that she will be standing face to face with the Savior soon. She radiates joy, does she not?

  7. Your reno is looking good so far. Sorry to hear your MIL is ill shesounds as if she is a fantastic person.
    My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Safe travels.

  8. Lots of heartache in the world.

    Thinking of you

  9. (((((Pokey)))))

    Safe travels... I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and your entire family!

  10. So much going on in your world. First, prayers and thoughts of support for your dear friends' loss, and also your MIL and your family as she takes things day to day. I'm glad you can spend time in Nebraska with them this summer.

    Your remodeling project is looking good! I can't wait to see what the finished room is going to look like. I bet you can't either. :)

    Love those Storm at Sea pieces. That is going to be one pretty quilt, I can tell already. And that golf tee/bobbin matcher-upper is such a cute idea!

  11. I'm glad you're able to travel to see your MIL. Blessings.

  12. Much going on in your life, Pokey. I wish for the best for your mom-in-law - it sounds as if you have a great one. Your room is going to be super. Lots of work but, oh, so worth it. Will look forward to that beautifully colorful storm at sea! Safe travels. Carol

  13. Your MIL Is being a brave and wise soul. Sad about the young mother leaving her children. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. The brown quilt will be lovely and so will your room. Trish

  14. Oh, so sorry about your MIL's return of cancer!
    You've been accomplishing so much--floor is beautiful--can't wait to see the counters.
    I'd never liked Civil War era colors; then I did the Mark Twain quilt and surprised myself. As for those reds--wow, they are wonderful!

  15. Your sewing room is coming along beautifully! You will appreciate the extra depth on that counter for sure. Sorry to hear of your MIL's illness but she will surely feel all the love and support from her wonderful family. Glad you will have friends to share the journey with.

    Lots of fabric goodness in your summer to balance the sad parts of life!

  16. WOW! Pokey, you covered a lot in the post.

    1. Lovely projects! :) Those diamond blocks are to die for.

    2. $450 is really really steep! Sorry you were caught. ;)

    3. So sorry to hear about your MIL! Will be praying for you all!

    4. Cricket update on my end: Miss Baby somehow let the cricket out today. So, now we have a cricket on the loose... yikes!

  17. A sad and happy post at the same time! Your MIL sounds like a wonderful woman of grace.

  18. Your kitchen floor is just beautiful. Lovely red and white squares from the swap. Very sad for your family. Prayers for your family and especially your MIL. Take care.

  19. Be safe on your journey...sending loving prayers to your friends and family.

  20. I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. My prayers are with you.

    Two interesting articles about red light tickets {here in Rochester NY}


  21. I love how your room is coming together! The floor is beautiful and the cabinets are going to be so very nice!

    Yikes! $450?! Eek!!

    So very sorry to hear the sad news about your precious mother-in-law. You are very, very fortunate to have that legacy and inspiration in your life! She is a beautiful woman and sounds like a beautiful soul inside. Also sad to hear about your friend's daughter, so very sad. I will be praying for these families.

    Btw... I delight in your "ugly prints", LOL! Those are my colors and prints. I adore the civil war repro fabric!


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