Friday, July 15, 2011

"But, First..."

My demo tools of choice...wonderwoman!

We are backing up, instead of going forward in our sewing room...what can I say? I wanted to put built-in cabinets in the old closet area.

See the wall after we removed the newly painted (but now trash) baseboards...
uh, right...the new baseboard will be taller...hopefully

The carpet was not an ideal color, brown green...(I'm not a carpet person anyway) and to have it in a sewing-with-needles-and-pins room is just courting disaster in someone's foot.

Our friend Richard is filling the divots in the concrete left from the tack strips.

Larry sent me shopping for flooring, and meanwhile, the baseboards, and carpet, and padding, and carpet tack strips had to be removed, and handygal Pokey has been involved with every process, including hauling it out of the house. And hauling other stuff back in!

I'm so slow (ha! I bet you didn't know that?!?); it's taken a bit of time. Next up, the flooring! Larry's doing that, I'm the go getter mostly, lol.

The newly patched floor, and my floor of choice is a closeout laminate
that has a hand-scraped texture, Armstrong brand.

"Oh, no! My displaced fabric is in the computer room!"

DD Lydia is in the process of putting their wedding photos into a shutterfly book, and it's coming along much better than the sewing room. I've helped with some photo editing. I thought I'd close showing a few of those pics ~

Lydia made her flowers, boutonnieres and bouquets
from lace, felt, buttons and ribbon. Oh, and love ~

So sweet! And see the little lego light saber on his boutonniere ~ !

Me, Grandma Barb, Lydia, Jeff, Larry and Grandpa Gil Davis



  1. Nice wedding pix! The quilt room will be so nice to have once it's finished. Hang in there!

  2. Oh you are gonna love that easy to keep clean.
    I'm also so happy that Larry is up to doing all this work again.....he's all better!
    Can't believe you made that wedding dress...what a labor of love.

    Happy Sewing

  3. I'm so happy for you for your "new" sewing room.
    I'm determined to get more of my fabrics "processed" and onto shelves--think that will help me be more productive. I'd love a "carpetless" floor but will start with the living room and hallway--one of these days!

  4. That looks like a tough job in the sewing room but will be really nice when it is all completed and you are organized. Lovely wedding photos.

  5. The sewing room progress seems to be going well. How exciting!

  6. What beautiful family photos you have to cherish.

    And a really big happy birthday to you on Sunday!

  7. Beautiful wedding pictures! She was a lovely bride. Hope they have many happy years together.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished sewing room.

  8. Laminate flooring sounds like a good choice. I have carpet in my sewing room and it is a hassle with the pins. Very nice wedding photos. It takes time to get all of them organized I know.

  9. So much better than carpeting. Every time I drop a pin I have to stop immediately and hunt for it in the carpet so the dogs don't end up getting hurt. I like the lego light saber! When my DD#2 got married, they entered into the dining hall to the music of one of the Star War pieces - lol!

  10. I've always worked over carpet and never step on a dropped pin or needle but my DH has magnetic feet! The flooring looks good. It will really warm up that room.

    Beautiful wedding photos! Love the smiles on everyone's faces and the pretty snowflakes hanging above.

  11. Hi Pokey, how fun, I can't wait to see your new place! You are so right, carpet and needles do not go together....then again, neither do couches and needles! Beautiful pics!

  12. you are very industrious!!! can not wait to see your sewing room are fixed up...I have carpet in mine , think you will like the hard woods...

  13. Hey girl, I say get what you want while you are doing it and if you have to back up to get it then do it right the first time, right? Because more than likely, we never go back later and change what we wish we would have done to start with. I love the flooring you picked out!

    Lydia's pictures are just beautiful... just like her!

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  15. Your garden looks very very nice & flowers are looks good by Revathi


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