Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soupe du Jour

Has anyone been traveling along with Rachel of Not so Plain Jane ? She has us dreaming of European getaways...well, I 'll blame my title on that anyway.

Look at this pretty teaset she posted...!

My last class has wrapped up, it was a great experience for all. I tried to get these students to focus on more on similarities, than our differences.

I was blessed with working with a great group of people, too. Joyce Zhao, business leader and California Representative for the Summer Camp (aka my boss), myself, Dr. Lee, the Head of the Company from EZGO Guangzhou, and my church's children's pastor Craig Wilson.

Remember our poor car situation? Well, here is the "new" car replacement ~ it is a joy to drive!

Here is what's on the frame today, and hopefully when we return from our little retreat I'll finish it up and share a bigger view. This is my friend Ginny's first quilt, and it is adorable!

Yes , I need to run and finish packing for a few days of hanging out with these guys. We pack our food, swim suits, sewing machines, Uno cards, and boy, do we have fun. See you soon!

Oh, and now you know another reason for the title, this is just a day in the life....

Happy Quilting,


  1. I'm loving "touring" Paris with Rachel, too! Have a great time on your little getaway trip!

  2. Pretty quilt....nice car.....have a good trip. Trish

  3. I have been following Rachel too, it is great.

    Have a great time, surely you deserve it after school...

  4. Have a lot of fun on your getaway! Carol

  5. You've been busy!
    Congratulations on the new car!
    Yeah for getting rid of old junkers..........
    shhhhh don't let my 1997 toyota hear that :0).

    Happy sewing and safe travels

  6. Lovely to have wrapped up satisfying weeks with your students, and now off to play with friends and fabric. Lucky you!

  7. You make me wish I knew how to play UNO !
    Have a ball, and splash alot !
    I like that car, too !

    And congrats on a class, well done !
    I knew you could do it. You look GREAT in that photo !

  8. I hope you are having fun on your getaway. I just wanted to let you know that you have won the Pumpkin Wall-hanging give-away on my blog. I sent you an email. Please let me know your address by email and I will send you the wall hanging. Congratulations!


  9. Have a great time on your retreat!

  10. Have a great time at your get-away with friends. Your summer has been wonderful so far with all the young students. Cute new car.


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