Monday, August 9, 2010


We have known Beth and Jerry Pate since our daughter Lydia was 5. (She turns 31 this year, just HOW is that possible?!?) Jerry was her Kindergarten teacher, and then Beth was her second grade teacher. We all taught together for 3 years. Both of our families were transplanted to California, with no other family around, so we really became that missing family for each other. We have such good times when we go together.

Beth is fixing dinner; a sample dinner is Tilapia fish, veggie tray and seasoned, broiled squash, yum! The guys are watching a movie. We tease Jerry because he is the only one cold in the room!

This year, we went to one of our favorite timeshare condos that the Pates own. This is Worldmark in Indio, complete with a lazy river for inner tubes, a gigantic pool, and AC running 24/7. We got there at 11 p.m., and it was 98 degrees-yikes! Leave it to me to not take photos of the water fun (you are NOT getting a picture of me in a swimming suit, however modest it is!!) We sure enjoyed ourselves.

We were in the pool every day. This place has a Lazy River, and you can get in early before the inner tubes, and walk against the current. It was my goal to walk 10 laps each day, and I did. Funny how I rarely walk a lap around the block at home; I wish I could have brought that pool home with me!

But the best part is we enjoy each other's company. Larry and Jerry hang out. They read, swim, and go to the gym. This year they went and saw some new model homes.

Beth carried in a couple projects, a dress for her granddaughter...
...and a sweet little baby boy quilt for her little Logan.

Beth and I pack in our fabrics, sewing machines, projects, food, etc., etc., and it is our own sewing retreat!

Ahh, mint iced tea, fabrics and the AccuQuilt Go! A perfect combination. No, I do not own it,
but we had one on loan for the trip, yippee!!

We came home, and their kids came up for Sunday. Then Beth and her DIL Melinda, and the five grandbabies are there for a few more days of pool play and visiting.

Me? I'm back to the frame, I need to get this off for Quilt class tonight. Toodles!

Happy Quilting,


  1. Good friends, good food,a pool....and sewing retreat what else could you need to have the best of a vacation.....nothing....but maybe more time. Trish

  2. Sounds like fun. That squash looks really good. As a kid, my Dad had a big garden and we ate lots of squash.

  3. Sounds like a great time. I love Lazy Rivers.

    Your last pic caught my eye, very cute. Love those fabrics!

  4. fun times...arent good friends just the best!!!!


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