Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Lydia, A New Blogger!

I've shared a few of my daughter's creations over this year of blogging,
like pillowcases, towels,

table runners, little tictac gifts for her co-workers,

and a few purses, too.

Boy, when I looked back on all my posts, I realized she has so much creativity filling my pages! I've been encouraging her to start a blog, and, introducing... Lydibug Fluff!

Her first crafty post is featuring her "Do it Yourself" felt flowers for her wedding. I'm hoping to try to connect her to Amy's Sew and Tell Fridays. Come on, friends, make her feel welcome!

Happy Creating!
aka proud momma


  1. Wonderful. I do love flowers of fabrics and various materials. And I'm sure your daughter is as talented and delightful as you are. I'll definitely go check out her new blog.


  2. Pokey those flowers are marvellous! She's so talented!

  3. How fun! She is very creative!

  4. Oh I just adore her creations! So glad to see she has a blog, and am heading that way now. :o)

  5. I love these flowers. How very creative she is!

  6. Thanks for visiting me! :)

    Your daughter is absolutely talented - but of course, with you as her Mom.... she will have to be talented!

  7. So many great creations. She obviously takes after her Mum.

  8. Thanks! She does have some really cute stuff, so I'm looking forward to this. Talent must run in the family :D

  9. You know me and orange by the way. I have some, send me your address and when I get home I shall send you a little package.
    I'm off to visit Lydia! I just peeked at her blog, she has your talents!
    I've had computer problems, so have had to read back a few of your are busy!


Hello! Thank you for taking time to peek in! If you say hi, I do my best to send back the love :-}pokey