Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Far...

Just a few photos to show progress...

on the charity Americana...

on the snowladies
and their evolution, decided to go with the applique smile, not the snaps. Decided I liked the same color outline, not the all black outline Decided in the from Accuquilt die cut to be her 'flower' on her hat, for several reasons
(Would YOU want to cut to cut those by hand? no)
Boy! Don't I want one of these!!

Also, I want to share this sweet pumpkin quilt that came in the mail yesterday. Gail of The Cozy Quilter recently had a giveaway celebrating 30,000 posts. She is a very accomplished quilter! You should see her little pumpkin patch. She also sent along a precious pin from her guild, I'm so honored!! Thank you, Gail!

Happy Quilting!

Edited to add on 8/18/2010:
Yes, I did design the snow girl. As a matter of fact, see the blue grid drawing? That is actually my first rough draft with pencil and 1/4 inch graph paper, and then enlarged on the copier! Notice I moved the bird from one shoulder to the other in the project, since the scarf and the hat/flower were already on the left. I was going for the look of her listening to the birdie's song, but I felt it still had that feel with the girl looking at it, too. My artist husband Larry drew the final birdie. It's a cute one!

Wish I had one completed as I wanted them to be, I still have incomplete prototypes. Oh, precious time...I'm off to the classroom today, but I did get my borders on the charity quilt, yippee!



  1. Everything you sew is so cute; I love the snowman!

  2. What a nice giveaway you won. I enjoy seeing your work, too.

  3. Loving that red, white and blue.......did you do any white stars on a red background,.......just curious?

    Love all the pumpkin wall-hangings.....boy, I've seen some giveaways lately that I REALLY would love to win. So glad you won one !

    That snowlady is too sweet with the crinkly eyes !

  4. The star blocks you used in the Americana quilt just made it stand out.....I love those blocks. Trish

  5. Very cute. I'm not sure if I understand or not...did you design your snowlady? She is delightful.

    I too love the AccuQuilt showflake. I don't think I'd ever cut something out so detailed manually. This was another reason that a GO! pays for itself. I must have cut 100 snowflakes the first time I used that die. I was so very excited. And I love what you created with it! I hope you'll also share insights on the AccuQuilt Facebook page!


  6. Oh I love your snowmen! I love too that you showed the sketch.
    You have a great blog. I'm going to add you to my blog roll! It's so great to get to know you a little bit. Isn't Blog Land neat?
    Do you ever go to quilt shows in CA? I've vended at so many over the past 6 years...I wonder if I have possibly met you. You look familiar to me.

  7. Aw, your little snowgirl is so cute! And I'm loving what you're doing with the Americana quilt!

  8. You are so talented Pokey! I love the snow lady.

    I have given you a Versatile Blogger Award you can check out here:

  9. I love the snow lady! I am going to hang up my Pumpkin wall hanging soon--is yours up yet?!


  10. I love the snow lady and the applique smile is adorable! You did a wonderful job with your pattern.

    What a beautiful pumpkin quilt! Love the vibrant colors that were used. Fall colors are my very favorite of all!


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