Sunday, January 30, 2011

W I P's

I've joined into some internet fun, with Sophie and her friends at Block Lotto. I "know" a few friends there, like Wilma in North Carolina, and Sophie is a new-to-me person. I guess I've joined in on a tidal wave year, but Sophie's block is so do-able this time, I've enjoyed making them. Here are my eight blocks, which I hope one will be a winning ticket. :-}

There is a button added on my sidebar to take you to Block Lotto. Sophie adds a new block, and therefore a new lottery each month. Check it out and see it it's a project you would like to join in. Of course, there are no guarantees, except sharing and growing in the creative process.

Last week, I quilted Ginny's little Duck, Duck, Goose quilt, and Monday had me finishing the binding, yeah! another completion!

Back last summer, I sewed 200+ scrappy 4-patch squares, and joined in an exchange with Bingo Bonnie. My goal is a scrappy Irish Chain. Well, scrappy sewing for the lotto has me sewing those patches again,

this little stack is sw-ee-ee-t!

...but, I think some of the motivation has come from these folks, too ~

Terry is the most recent one ~

...and there was Lane's, too...

...and lastly, Libby had the black background that Sings to me...

Libby's was a kit, too.

I have to admit, this is a long term project, so I don't think I'll have it done anytime soon, but they are beauties. Oh, I'm wanting to mention Bonnie Hunter's book, Leaders and Enders, that kinda got my ball rolling in the Irish Chain direction.

For those of you that like the soft colors found in vintage sheets, you may want to check out this giveaway....

That's it for now! Hope your week is great!


This is a double wedding ring from Virginia. My Grandmother made it, she did all piecing and quilting by hand.
Any fabric would do in her quilts! Often the quilt backs were feed sacks that she would dye a dull pink/red. This one isn't, though.


  1. Thanks for the mention on your blog! My Irish chain is going to be a long term project too! And I'm loving every minute of it! :0)

  2. Oh wow....I saw Terry's irich chain and love have alot going on your grandmothers wedding ring.

  3. Ooh...I love all those bright colors in your block lotto blocks and I REALLY love that scrappy Irish Chain....I'm definitely copying that picture for inspiration for my next bed quilt! I LOVE SCRAPPY!!!!

  4. Love those Irish Chain quilts. It is still my all time favorite traditional pattern!

  5. I love the black backgrounds- it makes the pattern stand out a lot!

  6. I love the scrappy 4 patches..nice

  7. You're sure got some gorgeous eye candy here today! Love those scrappy Irish chain quilts, and agree that one with the dark background really does sing! As does your grandmother's wedding ring quilt, wow!

  8. Pokey, lovely post! And thanks for commenting on my blog over the weekend re my grandson - he makes my heart sing! I hope your hubs is still doing well, and also hope you are feeling better in your heart! BTW, the postage stamp quilt-along is A LOT OF WORK, at least for me! I finally got the blocks done, now for sewing the top together - and Rachel is having a giveaway for those of us who finish our tops before tomorrow - wish me well!!! xo

  9. PokeyDot, Every time I visit your blog I get inspired. I'm loving the littlebirdie blocks, and we just got darrrrrling block 2... so cute! But, I think I might have to mosey over to the one you mentioned. :) All your quilts are wonderful. Your grandma's quilt... how sweet that you get it to love now.

  10. Pokey, love your Grandmother's quilt. That black background really makes the colors intense. I think Scrappy quilts are becoming my favorite.

  11. So, so precious to have that beauty! I have some of my Grandma's quilts from the 30's and 40's prints too. Somewhere in her things are pieces and templates in a bag. A time capsule of fabric!

  12. You are so lucky to have your grandmother's wedding ring quilt. No hand-me-down quilts in my family... but I'm starting the tradition. All five of my grandchildren received a quilt for Christmas!

    I love scrappy quilts and Irish chain is a fascinating pattern...

  13. Those black backgrounds are awesome! Both old and new. How wonderful that you have that precious quilt hand pieced and quilted by your grandma!


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