Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's on the Frame ~ What? We are Sewing Again?!?

It's a Happy Easter break at the Davis' house. We got out of school on Friday afternoon, and Saturday Ginny and I went on a mini quilt hop. The participating stores gave us a fat quarter of floral "spring" fabrics, I love it when they do that! We only visited 4 of the 6 participating stores, but isn't it nice to live so close to that many shops?    One quilt shop we visit regularly is the "Sew and Sew" in Glendora, Ca, about 30 minutes from home, and 10 minutes from work. Shelley, the store owner and I have struck up a friendship, and when I went by on Saturday, she had my new bobbin case for my Pfaff Grandquilter, the machine I have on the quilt frame. Monday was the first opportunity I had to quilt, and it's like a DREAM! I'm happily making little pebble quilting stitches without one broken thread, amazing after months of struggles. The I Spy has been pinned on my frame since February. The pebble stitching is slow going, but that's okay. Maybe it will be finished before the end of April...! 
I'm sewing straight lines around each square, and then doing the pebble stitches in the red.
We are joining up with our good friends Beth and Jerry at their timeshare, this time we'll be in Solvang, a nice little tourist town a few hours north of us. Of course, we pack in our sewing machines and have a good time, lol 

We are puppy sitting their newest family member, not yet named. We all call her what we want. Poor little pup, she's gonna have an identity crisis before too long. Jeff and Lydia are calling her "Derby", as in brown derby. Larry's calling her "Latte". She has the sweetest brown eyes and nose. I've been calling her "Goner" (as in gone). The story behind that is, Beth called Jerry to tell him that Karl had rescued this tiny doggy off the highway, and they were trying to find out who she belonged to, but it's been a month of posting in the pennysaver (a local small sales publication), and no one has come forward....
Beth said that Jerry gets to name this one, and he said, "I'm naming it GONE!" So now that she's fully bonded into home and hearts, Jerry still calls her "Goner", or "Asta" (Astalavista) or  "Derci"(arrivaderci)...we'd keep her in a heartbeat, but Jerry himself is pretty attached. Don't worry, the kids will be loving on her and our furkid "Tory" while we are gone!

Monday night quilt class had me swapping out charm squares for one of the swaps I hosted. I didn't participate in this I Spy one, because after making the one on the  frame, I still have enough to make one or two more quilts. It still didn't keep me from wanting some of those cute prints!

However, I did join in at a swap on Flickr's Breakfast for Dinner - Rainbow Charm Swap  hosted by Elena.

She required us to "collate" the stack of prints, because we were sending in 280 squares. Hey, I'm not to old to learn!  Since Monday was my second hosting of a charm square swap, that is what I asked my ladies to do, and it sure cut down on the time separating the stacks to return back to the participants!

~For the "Rainbow Charm Swap", my assigned color was blue purple... it took a bit of looking for these pieces~
My email has been running poorly, I'm sorry if I didn't get back to any of you from my last post. Thank you for peeking in ~

Happy Easter to all. I'm glad we serve a risen Savior!

"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness, The power and the glory, The victory and the majesty; For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours; Yours is the kingdom, O LORD, And You are exalted as head over all." 1 Chronicles 29:11


  1. Looking fabulous with the pebble quilting Pokey. Im glad you fixed the broken thread issue. It;s so frustrating when things dont sail along like they should.

    Asta looks definitely settled. She may be staying with you yet!

    Happy Easter to you and the rest of the Davis clan!

  2. Glad to hear your quilting machine is up and running smoothly... love those pebbles!

    Have fun on your spring break... mine's not til next week...

    Happy Easter!

  3. Sounds like lots of fun visiting those shops. Enjoy your quilting!

  4. Well Happy Easter break to you Pokey!! I hope you are enjoying it immensely. =] I LOVE that red stitching on the black, it is beautiful!

    Aw, little Goner is so cute with those big beautiful brown eyes, hehe! Love that little story, too cute. Those furbabies have a way of melting hearts and warming up those who are dead set against them. Enjoy your time in Solvang, sounds wonderful~

  5. It is a busy time for you. Lovely to see the great quilting on the frame. It will look wonderful when finished.
    The little puppy looks so sweet. Tempting to want one, too.
    Have a lovely time away. Sounds like a great break.

  6. What a fun quilt for kids - I didn't realize you had a long-arm - LUCKY YOU!

    It appears that Little Goner might have some self-esteem issues! 8-))) Glad he found a home - he'll be happy in his new home when he gets used to it. I'll be watching to see what name he finally gets. 8-)

  7. What a great quilt on your frame. I just finished a quilt for my new Grandson and am thinking of an I Spy as my next one for him. Happy Easter to you!

  8. I want the puppy!!! Ok, I'll get over it. Just saying....

  9. Your pebbles are looking wonderful! Sounds like the bobbin did the trick. Look at that precious puppy. He is sweet! Enjoy your time at Solvang. That sounds like a nice getaway.

  10. It's always so much fun to check on what you are up to. I love your blog.

    Yes, we serve a risen Saviour! Happy Easter to you and your family, friend.

  11. Oh, happy quilting on that machine. Love the puppy! Poor little thing. Asta, or Derci. My goodness. How bout Here to Stay. 'Come Here to Stay' 'Sit Here to Stay'. I've never done a charm swap. Hmmm........

  12. Pokey, I love all that red and those bright fabrics for your I Spy quilt. Someone will be very happy to receive that one. I can't imagine all that pebble quilting but it will be wonderful when you get it done. Love little Derci....such a cute little puppy. I can see how come you are all so attached. The blue purple fabrics you chose for the swap look good. Take that darkest purple one and that just might be the color my daughter painted her bedroom several years ago. Love it! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  13. I love the quilting patter you have decided to use on your I spy quilt. I did not knowyouhad a long arm machine (I am just a tiny bit jealous!). A shop hop sounds like fun...we spent our afternoon gardening yesterday. Lots of flowers out ahead of schedule this year.

  14. Always enjoy dropping in on you Pokey, you have a fun blog. That little pup is adorable. Hope you and yours have a blessed, happy Easter!! Hugs, Carol

  15. Awww, what a sweet little face! Hope they come up with a really cute name for her. GONER? Yuk! She deserves better!


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