Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Spy Completed~

 I Spy a dragon fly on a field of blue,
 apron strings, butterfly wings,

 a ladybug or two,

no really quite a few! 


I spy a rocket ship, a train and tracks, a police car fast!

 The world on a spin, a flower's grin,   crayons in a row,

 a robot on show.

One snowflake,  

one bumblebee,

"my house" that's standing by a tree.

There are happy stars, and racing cars,

A man on a bike,

and a bowling ball's STRIKE!

There are puppies and cats,

their fronts and their backs.

I spy zebras, and chicks,

cows and owls,

A fox, some fish, and dino tricks.

I spy soccer balls, and tennis balls, and baseballs too,

Money to buy your tickets,

-don't forget your shoe!

I spy the church with its pointy steeple,


 and smiling faces of happy people.

There is plenty to see, I leave you the rest,

 With a "Thank you for coming! That's it, God Bless!"

I have been working on the silly little rhymes for about as long as the quilt! Second graders love the 
I Spy books, sometimes my class keeps them checked out of the school library for the majority of the school year. How perfect that the quilt is done, and will be on display in the classroom for Open House this coming Thursday. 


"The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah." Psalm 24:1, 10


  1. Sounds like my day...I woke at 4 a.m. and feel like my day is about over already LOL. Shopped, cleaned, worked. ugh. Happy Saturday!

  2. Sometimes I think we work as hard on the weekends as we do during the week.... hope you get that nap in, Miz Pokey!!!

  3. How adorable......great colors! You rock :0)

    I spy a special lady working hard for her "kids"
    they sure are gonna miss her when the school year is did.

    Naw that doesn't work but you get it :0)

    big hugs and Happy Sewing

  4. What a GREAT I Spy quilt... love it! I think I enjoy those as much as the little ones do....


  5. Hope you'll add that wonderful poem to the back of this GREAT quilt!
    congratulations on a perfect finish!

  6. Charming little rhymes, clever you!

  7. Oh, Pokey, that is so perfect, and your rhymes are so fun! Genius! I have a special place in my heart for I Spy quilts. :o) LOVE IT. xoxo

  8. This sounds like fun. Have you turned into Dr Suess? Your quilt is perfect for the fun of I Spy. And I do agree - children the world over love those books.

  9. Definitely a very fun quilt--even more fun than the I Spy books!
    Wonderful to see!

  10. I LOVe your I Spy Quilt. What cute blocks! And a perfect display for back to school night!

  11. there are just so many really cute little fabrics that it is hard to decide what I like the turned and so cute and the back is perfect!!!! alot of work my friend...

  12. I love everything about this quilt...the bright colors, the red that breaks up the spy squares, the pokey-dots. ☺ It's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Hope your day turns out wonderful.

  13. Super cute and perfect for the books. Love the fussy cut fabrics and the rhyme too!

  14. What fun, that is one wonderful quilt and will amuse anyone...even me.....just fabulous!

  15. Glad you finished your quilt in time to hang it for Open House. I am sure your second graders love your quilt.

  16. I love your poem as much as the I Spy quilt!

  17. Fabulous quilt...LOVE it! So much fun, and it will be such a treat for everyone at the Open House.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, I don't have a way to email you back ~

  18. Excellent!! The poem and the quilt. =)

  19. What a darling quilt and an even better poem! How did you know I too just finished piecing an I-Spy quilt top? I'll be pin-basting mine this evening, for quilting in a couple weeks. We're literally "on the move" now, so packing is a priority. Thanks for sharing your pretty project.

  20. You've been awarded the "Liebster Award". Please visit my blog to see my post.

  21. Love the rhymes, but I reallllly love the setting for your I Spy quilt! How clever to use different sizes of Spy-able blocks!

  22. Absolutely wonderful quilt, Pokey, and great poetry to go along with the cute pictures. I'll bet your students love their teacher! I'm also thinking I should start gathering some fabric for an I Spy quilt. Sweet post!

  23. What a fun quilt! Your "kids" will love finding all the fun pictures.

  24. What a wonderful quilt! Great job! Love, love, love it.

  25. Pokey,

    That is a fun fun quilt!!!!

  26. So many things for the child to learn on your wonderful I Spy quilt. How cool for your quilt to be on display for Open House as well. I'm glad I went back and read your sweet poem. It gave me a chuckle for the day.

  27. DAH-ling...What a great/fun quilt! I have 2 "groups" of "I Spys" ready to be quilts... and this is inspiring me to get going on them. Thanks!

  28. What a fun quilt! I made I Spy quilts years ago in the style that was so popular back then -- I love seeing different layouts and yours is great!

  29. I can't think of a more entertaining quilt! And it's gorgeous. It's clearly a labor of love.

  30. The perfect quilt for a teacher! Amazing and so much fun for everyone!

  31. OOOOOhhhh. Pokey what beautiful quilt. Very colorful and happy. Love it. That is sure to give a nice treat for the open house.
    Thanks for stopping by Pokey.

  32. …And have a wonderful Mother's Day:)

  33. oh I just love this quilt , I have a new grand niece I would love to make an I spy quilt for....


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