Friday, December 30, 2011

In With the New ~

This is a quilt inspired by Kathie Holland. She sure knows how to make the old become new again!

Hi to you all in the new year coming! Once again I am hoping for a year of creativity and good health for us all. I wasn't able to send out a note to each of you last post, I hope you understand...and I'll try to do better!

Larry is slowly improving, but always tired, poor guy. We look for more answers to come in January. I'm trying to keep up with the regular chores! We have always worked together as a team with them, but he really has struggled for a few months (understandable now!) with stamina, so it's been a change for us. (Jan, I know you are living this too, you have my heart.)

Now, let me show you something new in progress, and a finish. Remember this colorful collaboration of Lydia's hand embroidery, and my piecing? We finished it for little Nathaneal, and Lydia and Jeff delivered it this week.

 ~Lydia playing peek-a-boo between the quilt~

 here's the cute little man!

We are attending a friend and co-worker's 50th Wedding Anniversary. She is the Jr. High U.S. History teacher at my school. We've taught together for 20+ years. I kept thinking about the 9 patches that were laying around for a different project, and decided they would do the trick for an extra special quilt for her and Bob.

~squaring up those nine patches~

 I kept looking for a quick quilt, but nothing hit me in leafing through the magazines...except I kept noticing Kathie Holland's quilts...
which led me to her blog,
 Inspired by Antique Quilts,
and going back, I remembered this one ...

~picture from Kathie's blog, used by permission~

 ...which is perfect for a quick to-do! I sewed these squares back in July or else this wouldn't be possible for someone with the earned name Pokey :-}
 there was a quick draw of the plan...a lay out, a swap of color...
 a new grid lay out...
...and I think I'm ready to start sewing.


I didn't tell you when the party is, did I ...?

Stay tuned, and wish me luck!



  1. Love that quilt! Can't wait to see it quilted. Nine patches are so simple, yet the huge variety of quilts made from them can be sooooo inspiring!

  2. Adorable baby quilt! What a great collaboration with you and your child, playing peek a boo with you there :) Love your 9 patch plan!

  3. You had me at those pretty 9-patches, but then you put a paisley print in there, woo-hoo! :) I'm off to check out Kathie's blog.

    I hope Larry continues to improve and gets some answers soon.

    Oh, and the collaboration quilt is so much fun! Nice job, both of you!

  4. Wishing you and Larry a very healthy 2012. Your quilts are beautiful.

  5. You and Lydia make a good team! Such an adorable quilt and that little guy is super cute! Pretty 9 patch. Will make a fabulous gift.

  6. Nine Patch. Such a classic design. Your friend is a lucky woman. :-)

  7. I think that nine-patch quilt is going to be a big hit with your friends, Pokey. The fabrics used give it such a warm and inviting feeling!

    I'll be keeping both you and Larry in my prayers, and I'm wishing you both a New Year filled with good health, love, peace, and joy!



  8. The nine-patch has always been my most favorite quilt ....I love the fabric's you are using. Glad Larry is home and doing has to be hard on you and him. Have a blessed New Years. Trish

  9. love the 9 patch.....good luck on those chores....and heres hoping 2012 brings health and happiness!!!!

  10. I love the 9 patch, Pokey. Just beautiful Kathy's blog always inspires me, too. Wishes for a healthy, productive New Year to you & Larry.

  11. I'm just so happy Larry is home where he can rest get lots of TLC.....give him a hug from me and best wishes for a complete recovery.

    This nine patch quilt will be an amazing gift......good luck getting it done Dear Pokey!

    Have a blessed 2012

  12. Pokey may be your name but boy I think when you decide on a project you really move fast. Those early preparations will make this quilt fast to finish and so lovely. I love the fabric you chose as alternate blocks. What a great gift for your friends. Glad to hear Larry is doing better. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!

  13. Looks like a fun quilt! Wishing you and Larry and New Year filled with good health, energy, and well.

  14. What a beautiful baby Nathaneal is! The quilt is just so cute.

    I'm sure your friend will love this quilt. It has a vintage look to it, and I LOVE that about it! Plus, it's all the colors that I like, hehe.

    Sorry you had to spend some time in the hospital right before Christmas. Glad to hear that Larry is home now and doing well. Hopefully this will be his last surgery and he will start to heal and be back to normal soon. Praying for his health and for you too as you take care of him and your home. You are so precious Pokey!

  15. What a cute little man....

    Glad your husband is slowly improving. Love your quilt.

  16. Both quilts are beautiful!!! Hope your husband keeps getting better.

    Blessings to and prayers for you.


  17. Hope Larry continues to improve. I know it seems like forever, but compared to the amount of time he was ill and just didn't know why, it really isn't long at all.

    Sew quickly!!


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