Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Three Weeks-!

"Jungle Babies" is a collaboration of Lydia's fine embroidery, and my piecing.

This is a wall hanging for Lydia's good friend and Matron of Honor Jessica. Jess wanted a jungle theme, and Lydia has been hand embroidering these little animals for a month now! 

She drew her own figures, but did get the monkey and the elephant off the internet. She put them on white cotton, and began stitching! 
I told her I'd put them together, but we really did not have a certain direction. I had purchased a few animal prints, but they seemed to detract from all these sweetly stitched characters. 

I wanted to do something that framed each piece, and saw this little bag of tidbits I purchased for a buck. The Quiet Mouse Quilt Shop in Calimesa cuts 2 1/2" strips for their customers, (also from their quilt kits) and sometimes has little scraps that they bag and sell as tidbits. I sewed the tiny strips into blocks, and then cut my own 2 1/2" strips 


to surround Lydia's handsome blocks. This was an idea that grew as it progressed, and I loved the creative process!

Lydia still plans to stitch the Bible verse so we asked for it back to complete it.


I'm glad Jessica liked it!
~ Lydia spent about 15-20 hours on each character, a labor of love for her friend ~

Ready or not, time marches on! School + Mammograms + ultrasound + report cards + mandatory parent teacher conferences + severe food poisoning (ugh!) + drs. +  meds + kids + teaching + another sleep apnea test + sewing projects + now I need to schedule a "lower GI" (you know what that means, huh P.?) + jury duty this coming week + I'm helping host an I-Spy swap in our quilting class, well....

I guess you get the picture. Oh, and my Second Graders cook for our Thanksgiving Party. I am trying not to complain (much) but it's just kinda busy. I know you folks are, too, so thanks for poppin' in !


"Oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!" Romans 11:33


  1. Busy busy girl!
    I do hope your test find easy and simple problems to fix and your good health is returned to you asap.

    Happy sewing, love your creative framing of the adorable embroidered animals.

  2. Super job! You and Lydia make a good team.

  3. that is the sweetest quilt!!!! wow you are a busy lady....OH you forgot to mention Christmas is right around the corner too!!!!!

  4. Love the quilt. Thanks for sharing the progression. Three more weeks? Is that until Thanksgiving, when you get time to come up for air?

  5. Love the quilt!!! You are very busy...don't forget to breathe!

  6. Cute quilt. So good of you to set it together.
    I'm hoping you survive until Thanksgiving. Take care Trish

  7. Those batik strips are perfect with the beautiful stitchery, Pokey! It's a wonderful wall hanging!

    My goodness, you've had a lot going on. Food poisoning? You poor dear! Have had that a couple times and feel for you. Don't worry about the lower GI itself, piece of cake, but remember to flavor your prep solution with Crystal Light or comparable (I used a Walmart brand kiwi-strawberry mix, which I would do again. It's still gross, but less so than straight up plain). My mammo is in a couple weeks, yee-haw. ;)

  8. Her stitching is wonderful!! I think the batiks were the perfect choice to frame the animals. They add to the over all design. Good job!!

    As for the lower GI....The worst is the prep. =)

  9. That is alot of hand work. You all did a beautiful job!

    Ugh, you are busy with some not so fun stuff. Hang in there. It will be Christmas break before you know it!

  10. Whoa! Severe food poisoning?? How'd THAT happen? And a lower GI to boot? Don't you wish you could have done a rush job after the food poisoning and killed two birds with one stone? If you get the GoLytely, do as P. said and flavor it. If you get the Fleets Phospho Soda as I did, drink it with a straw--it hits the back of your throat and misses most of your taste buds, a tip given me AFTER my last colonoscopy. Yecctthhhh.

    The quilt is adorable and the stitching is magnificent!

    Sleep apnea test? Is this with a C-PAP machine now? I love mine. I've threatened to name it in my will.

    Good luck!

  11. That quilt is utterly adorable.

    I know what you mean about being busy ..what is it with this time of year. It winds up from now and doesn't get any better until January!

  12. The little quilt is so adorable! I'm sure it will be loved.
    Sounds as if you are overly busy. Hope all the tests come out well.

  13. Beautiful embroidery! What a labor of love indeed. I like your jazzy pieced frames very much! The colors are perfect with the jungle theme.

    Hope you are feeling lots better and gathering all your energy for the last run up to the holidays! Hugs!

  14. Those little animals are so sweet! The fabrics you put with them really make it perfect.

    You sound like you need to take a rest after all those "things" you've been doing. Hope all goes well with all of them.

  15. What a great little piece! I hope things are slowing down some for you Pokey! Sometimes everything piles up and you meet yourself coming and going. Hope all is well with you.

  16. Oh my! You and your daughter are impressive. What an adorable quilt.

    Hang in there, despite the busy-ness.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting sweetly on my Starry Pursuit quilt. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  17. Your quilt is so adorable, love the animals. I hope things calm down for you soon. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my chicken block.

  18. What?!?! Are you kidding me? You and Lydia both did an incredible job on this quilt! Definitely a labor of love to hand embroider those adorable animals! Lydia is very sweet and creative, just like her Momma! You two are invincible when it comes to creativity!! Love this adorable piece!


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