Monday, December 21, 2009

What's on the Frame

Today, Lydia and I are doing a joint effort on completing Christmas gifts, my first official day out of school -hoorah! She has table runners that have been waiting for me to "load" them on the frame. Why does it seem to take so long to put a project on the frame, but not so long to sew it? I think it is just more fun to do the sewing!

These have different backs, but we stitched them together so that we could put four runners on at once. I used white thread for all to keep it easier. The two brown ones use the same fabrics, but it was pretty neat to see how the black frame made such a stunning change. I also quilted it with blended styles, as it is going to a gal with a little more modern flair. (click to enlarge) Now, Lydia has the job of binding them! She's finishing the green one as I blog. . . .

This is my Christmas version of "Ticker Tape" finished and given to our preacher and his wife. These are really a fun break to the fine matching of points and seams! (She had it displayed with the backing side up; it was a beautiful backing, do you think she didn't care for the raggedy look? lol)

I have a few more of these planned, for those fill in sewing times, when you just want to have a good time finishing something.

More to do, I guess I better get going!

Happy Quilting! Pokey


  1. What a smart way to get alot done, four at them!!

  2. Love the Christmas table runner......
    You have been busy!
    I hope to work on the ticker tape top soon too :0)
    But I never thought of a theme mine is VERY scrappy.

    Happy sewing

  3. Nice. What quilting setup do you use? I do small pieces that way too.

  4. Those table runners are lovely and the quilt looks like a fun one to do with scraps. Congratulations on your win over at the Fat Qtr Shop.. Woo Hoo!!

  5. It would be an honor to have this.. It is beautiful. I also posted something about you on I hope you do not mind.

  6. ooough a Christmas fabric themed "Ticker tape!" Love it!

    I'm curious, did you load it all on your longarm then quilt around the blocks? I don't have a long arm but did think of that as I was making my little small doll sized one a few months ago.

    Love from Kentucky! ~bonnie


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