Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finish Ticker Tape

The Ticker Tape table runner is done, and I know already, it's not my last. My daughter Lydia is working up several gifts, and the lavender, green and white "checkerboard" shared space on the quilt frame with mine, isn't it sweet, too.

On mine, I cut 18" by 44" wide heavyweight muslin ($2.48 per yard at Walmart-!), and my floral prints are from dresses, purses and general stash accumulation over the years- don't ask, but the stash has its own room!-

I cut my pieces no larger than 3 inches, but the most of them were no smaller than 1" by 2"; some 2" squares, some 2-1/2" by 1-1/2, you get the idea. There are some longer 1-1/4" by 3 inch strips, too.

I started gluing from the center of the muslin. With Elmer's washable school gluestick, I just put a dab spot as needed on the back of the 'confetti' floral, and go on. There is no need to glue to the edges, you are just saving yourself the grief of pinning! I eyeballed the placement, no measuring. After all, accuracy of the raw edges against one another goes out the window when you wash it, and they draw up as they will.

As you work your own 'mosaic' pattern, occasionally you will have a small blank space to deal with. (I wish I could get my pictures to post where I want them to!?! ) That is when I decided to either move an already piece down to absorb some of the space, or just cut a small piece to fit.
(I'm referring to the top photo, see the tiny, little blue squares? about 1" cut size.)

I sewed two times around each piece, quilting as I went. I cut my thread between each piece, but I bet you wouldn't have to.

Then, it was off the frame,to bind and then to wash. I felt like Linus, the Charlie Brown character, standing by the dryer to get it out :-} !

I want to do more!! Can you see these in:
-Christmas prints -sweet designer coordinates -plaids -pastels
I mean, really. I love the simplicity!

Now, on Lydia's checkerboard runner, she went with a basic measurement of 3 inch strips of color, and white on white. She has 6 squares across, and 16 squares long. Her finished runner is slightly smaller than mine. It was the first time she quilted using the frame, and she enjoyed the feeling of completion. She did great, actually!

I really was working to complete this week, so I could I could post on Amy's Sew-and-Tell Friday. Yes, I take motivation from any direction, when it is positive progress!

Sorry to be so gabby, but I had to answer some questions; I hope I was clear. Try this project. I bet you will like it, too. And if you don't-hey, it's getting time that you can give it as a gift,
right? *smile*

Happy Quilting, pokey


  1. Wow, I love it! What fun to use up so many scraps that you can't bear to throw away but can't find a ready use for. I can see why you would want to make more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Firstly...they're adorable! I love them! The purple is so soft and soothing and the ticker tape is just riotious! Gloriously crazy and cool!

    I have a lot of the fabrics in both of them! How cool is that...I'm so excited because they're just that much fun and such fabulous Friday Finishes! Sew glad you shared!

  3. Love, love, love (not like) purple!!! I see one of these in my future!!


  4. This so cute. I love this technique! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cute! I have a piece of white that I am saving to use for this once I get my Chiristmas project done. ... so funny too... I just,like got home moments ago, bought that red with white flower print at a tag sale. :)

  6. Totally cool! I love using up scraps - and that is cute. The table runner in the green and purple is awesome...I, of course, am a big purple fan!!!

  7. What a fascinating quilt and how smart you are to save scraps from everything!

  8. Sew and Tell really motivates me, too. Great projects! Love the bright, cheerful, scrappiness of your ticker tape runner, and purple and green is one of my favorite color combos. Fun, fun! ;o)

  9. these are such great and easy instructions. this looks so fun.

  10. Thanks for the great instructions. I love the mosaic quilt, such a good way touse every last scrap! Isn't show n tell such good motivation!

  11. Your instructions were great. I can't wait to start one myself. I am making table runners for my sister for Christmas and I know she would love the ticker tape look. She used to do a lot of artsy things herself and I know she will really love all the colors and the uniqueness of raw edges. Thank you for the tutorial. I also LOVE purples so Lydia's quilt really caught my eye.

  12. What a great idea....I can see quilts for the grandkids from this pattern. Great tutorial!

  13. I love it! So colorful and fun!!

  14. Love them both. I have that ticker tape quilt on my to do list. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is such a great quilt! I want to run my finger over it and feel all the raw edges. I so have to make one of these.

  16. Hi Pokey,

    great quilt, I saw AmandaJean's tutorial for it and it's on my list of things to do.
    When you upload pics in blogger, they'll all go to the top of the page. Once you have some text in your post, you can cut (click on the pic and press ctrl+x together) and paste (ctrl+v) them to a new spot further down. Alternatively, you can just drag the pics to where you want them, but I find cut and paste easier.
    A last alternative is to cut and paste the text around the photos :)

    Oh, and if you do something you didn't plan to, press ctrl+z and you can undo the mistake! Good luck, hope this helps!


  17. These are both so nice! I love the raw edge look, and what a great way to immortalize some favorites!

  18. Love the purple quilt and the rag quilt. The rag quilt instructions are so easy to follow.

  19. OK. I get it now! Thanks for showing me those. They're beautiful and look like a lot of fun! I've seen the same idea with just the same size squares all over, but I like the mosaic look to yours! Very cute!

  20. Hello quilt is FAB!! Love this's great isn't're finished when you're finished..HA!!


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