Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You, Veterans

We do not have school today. Yesterday, my second graders had a discussion on our family and friends who are in military, and you should hear their prayers for these heroes.

The most touching part of the time is when all present in class stood to observe a moment of silence for our heroes who have given their lives for our freedom.

Wiggly, giggly 6, 7, 8 year olds. Standing straight and proud as any soldier. Not moving, not tapping, not sighing, not talking... one full minute passing with no disruption among any of them....

Then, we bow our heads for prayer again, thanking God for our country, and our freedom to worship, because of others who have given.

Thank you, Veterans.

I am blessed. Pokey

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  1. Miss Pokey,

    Perfect picture!!!! Didn't even think of that one. I love you! Larry


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