Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas in the Classroom

Hi! It is amazing to be so busy and not have have much to post, but it's mostly about SCHOOL and the little guys these days.

We have 26 glittered angels for them to hang on their Christmas tree when we get out of school tomorrow on our Christmas break. Also, there are 52 gingerbread boy and girl ornaments. Most of my boys are asking, "Why do I have to make a girl one, Mrs. Davis?", with my reply being, "Because your Mom will like it," and that usually appeases the grumbling. There have been wreaths hanging in the classroom windows, with the verse from 1 John 4:10, saying:

"Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son [to be] the propitiation for our sins."

Kinda deep stuff in that verse, huh? But, that is God's love for you, simple, yet complex; basic, yet intricate, all of the above.

Wednesday, we presented the Christmas Pageant in our Chapel service, with a class of 7 and 8 year olds reciting the entire passage of Luke 2:1-20, and they were amazing! Little shepherds that in rehearsal the day before were rolling around on the floor, now were acting it out like pros! All the while wearing pillowcase robes with rag belts and coverings on their heads. The angels' costumes are old children's choir tops, and garlands for halos balanced on their heads.
"Mrs. Davis, it keeps falling off! What will I do?" "Well, pick it up, put it back on, and keep going!" It fell off, she picked it up and slapped it back up there, and on we went. Too cute!

Tonight is the school wide musical, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" It's sure to be a great night of singing and hyper-ness in approximately 75 minutes of the evening. What fun!

I really do enjoy the job, no, the ministry of being a teacher in a Christian school.

Merry Christmas, Pokey


  1. I worked as a teachers aid in a Christian school for 5 years and enjoyed every minute of it and even more so at Christmas time! Reading your post really makes me miss those days!

  2. Pokey - what a wonderful way to share your love for the Lord! Those are some lucky kids.

  3. I think that is wonderful that you can teach at a religious school, it is so sad with the way the public schools are run now.....

  4. My first time at your blog. Lori said it was great. Have a great day! - ging

  5. Lori told me the site was soo cute. Have a great day! Love ya all - ging


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