Sunday, July 14, 2013

Progress--Summer Style ~

Temecula Quilt Company's July project was these little "Cakestand" blocks, 


I am sure you have seen them around the quilty blog community. 


Can you say, "tiny"? My first one had the boys in the house laughing at me, how can anyone cover up with a quilt of those?

 Silly boys! But, I did decide to enlarge the pattern, 

 and now, there are 31 larger blocks in various stages of progress. There are 8 small ones, too  :-}

Here are 2 blocks to send to Calgary, Canada, via my friend Gail.

Last, here is the amount done in the sewing room. 

 Not much it seems, since there is a good amount of sorting happening too.

  That's why I called it "summer progress," lol!

I am hoping posting the progress will help me with accountability....

So, here's hoping another post happens before 2 weeks pass again. I'm trying to sew a bit every day, how about you ? 

Happy Quilting!


"I have trusted in Thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation. I will sing unto the LORD, because He hath dealt bountifully with me." Psalm 13:5,6


  1. Love your little blocks. I am also doing them.

    In my world sewing every day is a must for my sanity. If I'm not sewing I must be ill.

  2. I generally sew a lot every day but on the weekends. Sometimes I sew then, too, it just depends on what we are doing. I'm making the tiny cakestand blocks, too! I love them, they are so cute and addicting.

  3. Your slabs for Alberta look wonderful! thanks you for contributing to the project! I have made three so far and have several on the way from various quilting friends. Your cake stands are charming.... Just how small are they?

  4. I was tempted by the cakestand blocks but oh my... 2" finished blocks? Wowzers! Yours are adorable and can't wait to see what you come up with...

    Love your slab blocks and what a wonderful cause too!

    I try to sew everyday, esp this month of July when I'm off work. However, it's such good therapy I need to find a way to do it every single day, esp when I'm working...

  5. I try to sew every day, too. I feel like I have accomplished something because you can see progress. DIshes and laundry don't count. There are always more where they came from. =)

  6. Progress is a wonderful thing! I love your cake stand blocks in red, white and blue. I'm hoping to visit Temecula Quilt company someday. I'm sure we'll take a trip to California when my son is stationed at Camp Pendleton (sometime in 2014).

  7. Wow those are tiny blocks, it would take thousands to make a quilt big enough to use! ;) They are so cute though!! I love your Calgary blocks! Sounds like you are staying busy this summer. I wish I was sewing every day, but staying too busy here, too.

  8. Very cute blocks Pokey.

    Your sewing space looks exactly like mine. I think a certain amount of disorganization is essential to the creative process.

  9. Oh Pokey, I love your cakestand blocks- large and small. Fantastic background fabric- love those dots.

  10. Love those dotty cake stands! Can't wait to see your layout using the multiple blocks:) I knew you'd catch the bug!

  11. Those are some small cake stand blocks! I've made that block myself. Looks like you have a lot of space, and a lot of stuff, for your sewing room! I'm not sewing every day since my Bernina has been at the technician's for going on three weeks now, just for a tune-up! But, I'm getting a LOT of FMQing done, trying to meet a mid-August deadline for a quilt finish, to enter in a show. The idea of being at a sewing machine every day keeps me going. You too, it sounds like.

  12. Love your slab blocks... especially the pink one! I'm hoping they will be in a quilt with my aqua ones :)
    Love the tiny cake cute!


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