Monday, August 6, 2012

Nancy's Batik, and My Grannies' Measurements ~

 Here is Nancy's Batik quilt!

 The binding is finished and it's returning to her tonight.

 Nancy has been very patient with me, I've had her quilt on a back burner because of machine troubles.

She saw the free motion daisy quilting this past week and was happy,  so I was happy too ~
~the flowers actually run from top to bottom, not side to side~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

 We chose this light blue damask print for the backing of the Great Granny quilt.

 It is a one way print, so I pinned to match the print, a pin every 3" or so...took a while , but we were watching the Olympics, so time passed...
 can you see the seam? Another happy moment, *vbg*

I'm sharing my "thumbnail" measurements for the Great Granny finish, for those of you who wanted them:

  • Follow Lori Holt's directions to complete the 12 1/2" Great Granny blocks, make 20 blocks. 
  • sashing between the 20 center granny blocks: 2 by 12 1/2" cut, 2" square cornerstones.
  • sashing around center, framing the 20 blocks : 2 7/8" cut (almost 3")
  • Pieced border construction: the leftover 2 1/2" color squares, sandwiched between 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" background rectangles. 24 color squares on sides, 19 color sq. on top/bottom. The border was trimmed to 4 1/4" afterward.
  • floating cornerstones: 3 1/4" center cut, 4 1/2" cut background squares, cut into hst's, trimmed down to 4 1/4 inch to fit the pieced border. 
  • final border: cut 4" 
  • finished top: 86 1/2" by 72 1/2"
Hope this helps, glad to share ~  

"For, lo, He that formeth the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth unto man what is His thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of the earth, The LORD, The God of hosts, is His name." Amos 4 : 13


  1. Love your granny square quilt. I think I have some of those fabrics!

    And those batiks! Ooh, la, la!

    Great work. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.

    Oops, forgot to mention, love that quilting pattern too!

  2. Great sharing this afternoon. Love Nancy's Batik and that great quilting. And oh my what's not to love about the Granny quilt? Good info you shared as well. Super quilt. Huge inspiration.

  3. Thank you for the measurements, they will be helpful as I keep plugging away on mine. I have 10 blocks done but I plan on a 7 x 7 layout so I have 39 to go. Since seeing your border the other day, I've already started making my border using the pieces as my starters and enders.

  4. Your daisy quilting looks great! Love the blue for the back of your Granny Square quilt. Enjoy the rest of your "away from the school" time.

  5. I'm in! I'm in! Anonymous Ana is Ana Fritz. C:

    1. Hi, sweet Ana! I hope you look back in, I do not have your email, so I couldn't write back! I think it's cool you let me know who you were in class tonight. We'll get you quilting AND blogging before you know it!
      hugs, pokey

  6. The quilting on Nancy's quilt is sweet and fun!
    Your granny square is gorgeous and the matching up the seams on the back... Awesome!

  7. Lovely quilting on the batik quilt.
    Great choice of backing for your granny squares.

  8. Wow!! The daisy free motion quilting is wonderful!! I missed the ta-dah of your granny quilt, but I LOVE it!!

  9. Both quilts are just beautiful, Pokey! Thanks for inspiring us!

  10. Pokey! These quilts are fabulous! I really like the flower design on the back~ ..oh how I wish I could do that!!!!

    thanks for the visit and sweet comment about the revamp!


  11. Beautiful quilt quilting you did for Nancy. And the granny square quilt is gorgeous - perfect backing. Am I right in thinking you got the two pieces seamed together perfectly? Way to go, Pokey!! Carol

  12. That batik quilt is so beautiful, Pokey! I love the colors. Now, I think your Granny quilt takes the cake!!!! All the white areas will be perfect for quilting.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I always love to hear from you.

  13. I love that Great Granny quilt. I just can't get enough of coming over here to look at it. And your daisy quilting is just beautiful.

  14. these are both lovely quilts and so much fun following your documenting posts...thanks!!

  15. The batik quilt was amazing, really really amazing! Thank you for sharing it at class, I get fired up when I see your fine work!


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