Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's on the Frame, and More Granny Blocks ~

 Free form daisies are quite forgiving!
Good morning, Hope you are having a good day. Me? I'm sewing on the quilt frame this week. 

These are the "S"curls on the border
This is Nancy's Batik quilt, love the colors here! I'm doing a few things that I've never done before on this one. 

The backing is a very light batik, see the flower appearing on the roll?

First, this is a quilt that has a much lighter backing than the front, man, I get a bit nervous with all these stitches standing out!  

this is a big cornerstone flower on the 10 inch border

Second, I've not really done a quilt that I put an overall flower design on. 

 This free form, "flowing" flower is one that was shown to us at a quilt demonstration, and I've used it here and there on other quilt pieces. This time, I'm making it the overall design. 

I've drawn pages and pages, and now I'm jumping in!  

the center of the flower is all I'm marking

Also, I am drawing on the quilt with this Fixion pen. I am not in the habit of marking for the quilt lines, but this will help with the scattering of blooms across the center of the quilt top, I think... it's taking time, but it is fun.

Oh, yeah, this is my first quilt to load onto the frame with the zipper leaders!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More "Grannies" to share. Larry votes for a quilt (not table runners or a small lap quilt), and that means I need to make about 6 more. Good thing I can ~

These are some of the fabrics used. The striped pieces added interesting designs in the small cut blocks.

Oh, these two purple houses finish the quilt along with Terry and friends. Now to get those put together!


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  1. Wonderful progress you are making here, Pokey. Love the colors in your blocks as well as the one in Nancy's quilt.

  2. Your granny blocks look great! I've decided to stop at nine blocks, so now I just need to get them sewn together. And I love your purple houses! I can't wait to see them sewn up with the rest of your house blocks! :0)

  3. I love the flowers! You're doing such a good job.

  4. You are doing a great job on those quilted flowers. Love the Granny Squares too.

  5. I think you are doing a fabulous job with your free-form flowers. They are really cool! And I really love your Granny blocks. The fabrics you've chosen to use for yours are so happy and fun...love them! Those Granny blocks are really in now...I hope that at some point I can jump on the bandwagon and join in....but I'm so slow with everything, I'll probably start them when everyone else has long since forgotten them! :o]

    Have a wonderful evening, Pokey!



  6. Well, aren't you just dancing along, creating beautiful quilting designs! They are looking wonderful, your quilting is looking wonderful, and most of all, this post is just chocked FULL of gorgeous colors!!! Makes me happy to see them all.

  7. Granny squares are so fun. I am off to make a few more for mine. Keep up the good work.

  8. I've enjoyed looking at your pictures of quilting on the frame. I've been quilting on a frame lately too. Your flowers are beautiful :-) So are the swirls :-) I've heard of the Frixion pen, but I haven't used it yet. How do the marks come out? Has it worked well for you?

  9. Great job on the free motion quilting flowers and the "S" curls on the border. What longarm machine do you use? I keep saying I want one but haven't done it yet! Goodness I have quite a few quilts that need to be finished.

    Love your colorful granny squares. . .so bright and cheerful, a well as the purple house.

  10. Loving those flowers! So pretty on the batik fabric. Looking forward to seeing the house blocks come together.

  11. The free form daisies and swirls are looking great! I've heard good things about that Frixion pen for quilt marking. Gotta love that Larry for his wanting a whole quilt out of those pretty granny squares. Good call!

  12. Your flower is awesome...and looks great quilted.

    Love those houses...

  13. I love the quilting you are doing. The free form daisies look great.
    And I think the granny squares are wonderful!

  14. Your quilting is looking great, Pokey! I can see that practicing your design on paper first made for success when you did it on the machine. It's really wonderful! So are your GG blocks. Love the red in them. Looks like you're really on a roll! Keep up the great efforts!

  15. I just love tbose granny blocks. Your fabrics are so bright and happy. Your quilting is beautiful!

  16. Great quilting! I like that you are going for the quilt on the granny blocks.

  17. Love all your granny squares. Your free form flowers are great. What a super pattern idea to fill in large spaces. The zipper concept is difficult for me to grasp. Does that mean you are sewing on half the zipper on every quilt back you put on your frame?

  18. Love this quilt with the purple batiks and of course your great free motion flowers...great job!!!

  19. Pokey,

    It's been great hearing from you! Sorry it took me a little bit to visit you back.

    Your quilting looks absolutely yummy, and your granny blocks -- they made me swoon!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.


  20. Your flowers look great. Here is a good tip, instead of marking where you want your flowers, (when doing an all over design) cut out some circles from stock paper or an old manila file folder. When you have your quilt on the machine, pin a paper cirle where you want a flower, this will give you a good visual of spacing, and no marking!

  21. Love those granny square blocks! The red is gorgeous around them--can't wait to see it all put together.

    I think the flowers are going to be so cute. What a good idea to mark all the centers where you want them!

  22. Wow, you are one busy gal.....looks like you are making good use of your time off from school!! Everything looks great and sooooo colorful over here!!!

    I think you are doing quite well on your quilting....go go go!!


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