Thursday, July 19, 2012

Improvements Take Time ~

My favorite Great Granny Square so far, aren't those scallops cute around the center?

I started this project this morning: I knew zippered headers would improve my ability to put a quilt on the quilt frame. 

They are a bit pricey for me, but Larry's folk's are in the upholstery business,  and bless them, they sent me the needed zippers! I have a large quilt that I need to get done for a client, and the new header would help, if I could just figure out how...don't you love the sweet people that share on the internet? 

 ~This is actually the second time to put this backing on the frame, human error of course~ 
I visited Sunrise Quilt Studio, and The Quilt Rambler...and read and reread...I am so slow sometimes...but, finally...7:30 P.M...

 I have a quilt on the frame-With Zippers! Yippee! So-don't look too close, you might see a mistake or 2... or 3, lol

This will be the next quilt, I'm looking forward to it! 

The only break today was lunch with Lydia and Jeff, we fixed roasted vegetables. Yum!


 Oh, I also made a Granny square during a break from figuring out the "zipper" project. Funny how we take a break from sewing by sewing, huh? I'll close with pictures of the rest of the g.squares. 

I was going to make a few table runners from these, but they looked pretty neat laying out on the bed this morning...thinking on it ~

"O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the Rock of our salvation." 
Psalm 95:1


  1. The zippers are an interesting way to put a quilt on the frame. I haven't seen that before.
    Your granny squares are lovely - they remind me so much of Summer. And sunshine.
    Bet you can't stop making them!

  2. Congrats on the zippers! And ohnn this granny squares are lovely... For a bed, too!

  3. I just know it's not going to be a table runner! You can't fool me. The little scallops around the center square are a cute surprise.

    Never thought of putting a quilt on the frame with zippers instead of pins. I got a frame in May and haven't tried it yet. I'm waiting for school to start in August to try it. I'm nervous... But I can't wait. Zippers are a long ways away from me. Can't wait to see what you whip up with them! (Especially that granny square quilt!)

  4. Your granny square blocks look wonderful! I have nine made now and I'm no where near ready to stop! :0)

  5. Absolutely love the Granny Squares. I have been looking at making one of those (along with a zillion others!). Really like the reds. What a great idea to use those big long zippers to put a quilt on a frame. You quilt for others? Man I guess it is true....give a project to an already busy person and they'll get it done!

  6. Love, love, love your granny squares!

  7. You've chosen great colors for your granny squares... and are doing a great job with the fussy cutting.

    I didn't know you could use zippers to attach stuff for LAQing... learn something new every day!


  8. Your great grannies are exceptionally beautiful. They really stand out amidst the crowd!!

  9. I love your grannies--I am so anxious to start making them! I wish I could be a mouse in your corner to watch you quilt with your long arm on the frame. Someday I would love to have on for myself.
    God Bless!

  10. They really are to pretty to become table runner....make a lovely quilt.

  11. It amazes me what you can find on the internet to solve your problems!! I use Youtube a lot and find videos of things I need to learn about. Your granny square blocks are wonderful! Go for a quilt, Pokey - it will be gorgeous! Have a good weekend.

  12. I would never have thought of zippers being used in quilting. Thumbs up on the King Tut thread. Roasted veges sound good. I should make them more often. The granny square blocks are cute!

  13. So tell me how the zipper helps, does it save you from having to pin on each time?

    Oh I think a granny square quilt would be lovely especially if you have more of the same colors to unify the blocks..these are just lovely. I made nine then put them together for a little table topper. but have not quilted it yet.

    Happy Sewing

  14. A Granny Square quilt block, instead of a crochet block == who knew!

    That zip stuff looks complicated to me, but you go girl!

  15. I have the granny square instructions bookmarked and hope to make some soon. life got in the wAy this week. I love your squares! Have you got the chicken tutorial done yet?

  16. Looks like you've made your quilting more efficient with these zippers. Hope they work out very well for you. Your GG squares look wonderful. I think you're seeing red! Mine are coming together scrappy. Picking out prints to put together is more difficult than I expected it would, or should, be!

  17. Such beautiful the reds!

  18. How clever!
    Your granny squares look beautiful! I have some reproduction fabrics that would look good in this design. You've inspired me!

  19. The scallops look super cute!!

    I have my class scheduled to learn about my long arm. Nervous, but Rusty is coming with me, so it will be better. I want him to learn, too. =)

  20. Red, yellow and blue are always so cheerful and friendly together :) Love what's going on under your needles!


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