Monday, February 21, 2011

I Could Get Used to This. . .

Oh, how I love a Monday off from school! I am hoping for a sewing day, but it's 9 a.m. and so far I've cooked breakfast, packed Larry's lunch (he reminds me that most jobs do not close for a holiday such as President's Day- gee, sorry Dad - not really *vbg*), washed and put away the dishes (okay, so the dishwasher did the biggest part of that!), and read and commented on a few hundred blogs (oh, how I love that!). I still need to get to the thrift store, (if I get what I waited to go on teacher discount for, I'll share later), go to the grocery store and then...I'll sew.

I did take these photos to share today. This is a rocker that Happy brought to me from the Virginia homestead. We grew up in the Air Force, which is to say, we lived in many places, and our Dad traveled to even more.

The small picture shows both rockers.
Happy took one on with him to his home.
I cannot help but think of him when I look at mine :-}

This was one of two rockers that Daddy purchased on an extended trip to Peru. He said he watched these "monks" spin the wood with a bike pedal style lathe, and they would hold a string with their hands and teeth, and spin the ribbed designs into the wood.

Is it true? I do not know. You'd have to know my Dad, I grew up with stories from him like, "...When I was a little girl...", or, "...Back when I rode horses on the open range with Tex Ritter..." kidding, Daddy had the best stories.

Both chairs are in good condition, probably because there are other chairs more comfortable, lol. In our folks home in Anchorage, Momma had stylishly decorated with one of the rockers on display on top of a closet in a tall foyer entryway.

My photos were actually waiting on me giving the wood a good cleaning and conditioning, which happened this Saturday (finally!). My chair is now sitting in our computer room. I think this makes seven rockers in our house. WOW. Yea, I love rockers.

No one is sitting on one right now, does that make us off our rocker...? Okay, moving on....

While outside in the beautiful morning sun, I took advantage of the setting to take pictures of this latest project.

I was trying without success to make a fancy border, but I think I'll go with simplicity, and that way I'll have a finish, and not another UFO.

Oh, and February has been good to me in the giveaways, I'm so tickled! Big thank yous to ~

Cyndi of Blue Bird Swing ~ or, wait, is it Blue Bird's Wing? I'm gonna have to ask that question!
Cyndi did my prize with a cute presentation, she only showed the empty basket, and then she filled it daily. Look closely, and you'll see her doggy Noah in the chair ~

Doris from Threads of Conversation gave away a charm pack ~ Woo, Hoo! Oh, and go see her first quilt, it's a whole cloth quilted by her, from her teen day, it is an incredible accomplishment.

I and a few 1000 blogging quilters out there was entering the blogs giving away Kim Brackett's newest book, Scrap Basket Sensations. I love her projects, I knew I would save up to buy one, but I entered each day at each blog participating in the wonderful projects of Kim. Thank you, I won from Karen of Nana Girl Quilts! Karen made several of the projects in Kim's book, and displayed them around her own home, just lovely. You remember Larry's Blue Kitchen Sink was from Kim's last book....

Well, can you believe I've been at this for more than an hour, I'd better get moving, and I hope you can make the most of your day, too. Happy Quilting!



  1. Pokey, wonderful rockers, wonderful quilt, wonderful winnings, wonderful post!!! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you get to sew today! It's now 2:28 p.m. where I'm at - so it must be three hours earlier where you're at - there's still hope! Enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful rocker! The woodwork is amazing. Your quilt is wonderful - love the colors. Congratulations on all of your great wins!!!

  3. What a beautiful rocker... and such wonderful memories! Your newest project looks lovely displayed on it.... I foresee you using the rocker as a photo prop in the future!


  4. The rocker is soo wonderful and fond memories to boot. Love your quilt.

    congrats on your wins.

  5. That rocker is beautiful! And you won some great stuff too! Love that book! :0)

  6. You are one very lucky lady! Time to buy a lottery ticket, I'd say. You've won all the giveaways I've entered lately. Maybe that means you're supposed to share! Love seeing that rocker. It's beautiful... attractive and just wants me to come sit and rock, preferably with a grandson in my arms. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your quilt rocks, Pokey! That rocker is mighty pretty too!

  8. Oh, the rocker is so neat to think that you BOTH have one now.

    My hubby laughed at your dad's "when I was a girl......" !

    I like that quilt with the grey alternating !

    And, yep, you're a little bit off your rocker !

  9. What a great rocker!
    Love the new quilt...especially the grey...a color not used often.

  10. Such a beautiful rocker! Sure do like that quilt top. So happy that you had a good holiday at home.

  11. I love that rocker; it's just beautiful. Your quilt is just wonderful. It looks so pretty out in the sunshine on the rocker.

  12. What a great post! The rocker is beautiful; your dad sounds like he was quite the character.

    We are looking at more snow at our house; I envy your weather!

  13. Perfect way to spend a Monday! Thanks for sharing your rocker and quilt and stories. Love them! Congrats on your wins, I have been lucky too, so often!

  14. Ohman, where do I start? LOVE the rocking chair...really, it is NOT comfortable? It's gorgeous, so that makes me feel bad. The quilt...awesome! The that is why I have not won anything lately. ha! That dilly dally fabric is fun, hey? Saw that and the book at my lqs...really nice wins, Pokey!

  15. How precious that you and Happy get such neat heirlooms, they are beautiful!! Even if the story isn't real... it is a neat one. =]

    Congrats on all the sweet wins! Have fun with it all!


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