Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two Weeks of Time, Three to Go

It is amazing to have so much going on, and not having alot of crafty things to show for it.
It is the end of the third quarter at school, which means MANDATORY Parent Teacher conferences, report cards, meeting with each home and it is a good thing, but takes some time.
In the same time, my class needed a new air conditioner, new ducting and a new heating unit (we had 97 degrees last week, Mrs. Davis has built in "nuclear flashes" and man, I need the a/c!). Because of the huge construction involved, we had to move out.

My class is currently "camping out" in an unused classroom, which required cleaning, moving, organizing and preparing for these conferences. With the help of friends (God bless 'em, where would I be?), the students walked in with their projects already hung up to give this room a feel of us belonging, and they were thrilled. We call it camping, because we do not have all the comforts of our regular classroom, but we plan to make the best of it, and know it's for a short time.

You know I'm trying to sew a dress, excuse me, THE dress for Lydia's wedding. For the 27th. I'm not worried, The design calls are the time consuming part to me; once we have the idea nailed down, we can usually move forward without too much problem in the construction process. But she keeps struggling on the final decisions, and usually we talk over the section until I jump in and do something, she likes it, (so far), and we move on. The current sewing/designing is on the skirt. It has 4 layers, a ruffle and then we will add embellishments. It's hard these days to find a more modest dress, but my Momma made my dress, and I'm proud to make Lydia's too.
Then, I'll work on mine...!

So, I wanted to share about my snowgirls. Here they are, laid out in my classroom on the desks. It's funny, my ice tea was in my purse and the camera was in its case up against the cold tea bottle. It caused a frosty lens, and it looks as if the girls are in the cold air.

Anyway, this was the last time they were all together. I still made a few more for others, but these were for my quilting class exchange. I shared with the class that the snowflake took me 30 minutes to sew on, and gradually I improved to 20-something. All of the snowflakes were cut with the Accuquitl Go! cutter, borrowed from a dear friend. (I keep trying, one day I'll get one!) My Larry, the graphic (SO TALENTED!!) artist of the house drew my little red Cardinal. I think the birdie and the snowflake make her so cute. All sewing was done in the machine, except the black Swarovski crystal eye on the bird, that Beth sewed on for me. (Really, I'm not good with needle and thread by hand!!)

So, here are the snowmen that came home with me in the exchange.

Some were designed by the others like I did, and some were purchased patterns.

Some are needle turned by hand (wow) and some were fusible applique.

Some of the students participating had never done an exchange before.

The rules were only on the background square, being 1-blue, and 2-13 inches in cut size.

All of them are wonderful!

I think we were all very happy that we participated.

They will all come together, with a few others who seemed to be camera shy, later. AfTeR the wedding!

Happy Quilting!

Psalm 9:1 "I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show forth all Thy marvelous works."


  1. Hope you get the dress done in time!
    WOW...heart be still...those snow men/women are simply wonderful~~~ Thanks for sharing them. They are inspiring!

  2. Cute snowman! I am amazed at all you have going on. I'm so looking forward to seeing this beautiful dress.

  3. You are one busy lady! I am sure your daughter's dress will be beautiful and will love seeing it later. And the snowmen!! What a great block you made and it looks like he will be joining many other fun snowmen in numerous quilts! Fun stuff. Carol

  4. Sooo cute! what a fun exchange!

  5. All of your snowmen bring a smile to me!

    Hope the rest of the wedding dress proves easy. I admire you for being able to deal with school stuff and do so much sewing at the same time!

  6. All the snowmen are adorable. Such fun little faces!

    I am in awe of you and the wedding dress. If it were up to me, I'd be hemming it as Lydia walked down the aisle. I'm glad you are doing this for her. What a precious memory.

  7. I really like your snowgirls! It looks like a very fun swap - you came home with a lot of cuties - I don't think I could pick a favorite!!

  8. Oh what fun!! They are all so cute!

  9. Those are going to make an adorable quilt! What a great exchange!

  10. I just love snowmen, snowwomen, snow babies, anything to do with snow! Beautiful work and blessed in return!

  11. I just love your snowgirls.....and your snowmen are just wonderful....whohoooo snow men are my favorite ......and love in yours...

  12. What a great idea to exchange snowman blocks. I can hardly wait to see what they look like when made into a wintery quilt. Good luck with the dress for the wedding. I see I am not the only one who works well to deadlines...


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