Sunday, June 13, 2010


While this one isn't quite finished yet, I wanted to share a bit....

Monday at school, we have Field Day. Expecting temps in the 90's. I'm stationed at a game with water balloons, that should be fun!

Monday night, quilt class. I'm hoping to have this one quilted before then. Here it is now:

Tuesday, it's our end of the year field trip and swim party, with life guards and a water slide, and just our class. The students really enjoy this day!

Then, it's home to pack for our trip to Nebraska, and hopefully a good night's sleep.

Wednesday, it's awards day, and shopping in the class store with their earned Davis Dollars, and school is out at noon. Whew!

Home, grab our bags and go. Sorry I've been absent, but I'll return soon. Hopefully with photos!

Ya know, I love summer!!

Happy Quilting,


  1. Have a safe and fun trip, will be looking forward to hearing from you upon your return

  2. LOVE the blue and beige beauty!

    Most of the schools here were out on Fri, and some are out tomorrow--so many snow days this winter really dragged out the year. The neighborhood is about to get noisy again!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Great job on the stitching. Have a safe trip.

  4. I love both of the quilts! I'm really impressed with the blue one -- that's a lot of paddle wheels! Have fun in Nebraska!

  5. Beautiful Kitchen Sink! I like what you added with all the borders. Have a great end of the year partying all week :)

  6. Whew! Sounds like our last week of school! Crazy, but fun!

    They are both beautiful quilts!!


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