Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Road Trip

note, this is a post full of family pics!

Our road trip was to bring our California branch of the Davis family home to be there for Mom and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary!

this is the couple that started it all...

Here are the grandkids (missing 2, one is deployed in Iraq).
I did not have a photo with the great grandkids (but there are 5 of them).
The whole family photo was taken by a great photographer, and I'll try to remember to post one of those later, since I don't have one yet!

Our trip included a visit to Mount Rushmore by some of the family (since it is only 2 hours north), and to Carhenge, the local attraction of our small town in Alliance, Nebraska.
Our Jeff (son in law to be) had never been on a road trip farther than San Fransisco
(about 8 hours from home). He visited 4 new states on the trip!

Jeff and Lydia went to see "Karate Kid" at the town's theater. I think Jeff thought the Marque was a bit like "Back to the Future"....

Papa has a few cars that they have restored,

(isn't this one amazing? Lydia and I were having fun watching people load in!)

we took turns riding around town and to church on Sunday.

We had almost three pews filled by just the Davises alone! It is a blessing to the folks to have a family that has not forgotten the way of the Lord.

So nice to be home, but we miss all the family fun we had.

We returned home on Wednesday, and here, it was the second week of the Southern California Quilter's Run. My BFF Beth and I have participated for 5 summers now, and we couldn't miss out this year, either. We visited 20 of the 43? stores together, between Thursday through Saturday. We had a great time and bought a few pieces of fabric... Now, we all have put a "fabric freeze" on further purchases until some stuff gets made *smile*~~~

I don't have any pictures of this year's run, but let me share one more of the quilt shop Gil and Barb took us to. It's called Pat's Creative, in Hemingford, NE. It is on a farm, out in the country, and I NEVER would have found this place by myself.

here is the outside...

and the view looking across the road, a dirt road, really! What I didn't get a photo of were the buffalo in the pin over there, really!! Such a city girl I have become.... But, look what's inside...

such a cool shop! Pat had a few fabrics that I had to bring home with me ...
(This is Mom, Lydia, and my Larry. Lydia already spies something! See, Pat is cutting it...)

Pat did not want me to take a picture, sorry Pat. But she was such a sweetie! We had taken the anniversary quilt to share with her, and had come on one of the store's "workshop" Mondays. Would you believe, this store in the country had 26 quilters there that day, representing 3 different states! Anyway, Pat pulled me into the group and shared my quilt, and the t-shirt I had made and was wearing! Actually, I would've loved to have stayed and seen all that was being shared by the other gals.

Now, I'll be working on finishing the edges and binding on Larry's quilt, and a few other things. I'll share as we go, I promise!

Happy Quilting,


  1. What an awesome sight that must have been to fill all those pews....would have brought tears to my eyes if that was my family!

  2. Great family time! The Quilters JRun looks like fun, too. Shop hops are great!

  3. Hi Pokey. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Your quilting is amazing. I love how you did the hearts!

  4. I bet they love that hexagon quilt! What a fun gathering.........and I WANT TO GO TO CARHENGE !

  5. It looks like you had an amazing time!

  6. What a fun trip and a beautiful family. Isn't it great when your whole famiy can go to Church together. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the "few" purchases you made too.

  7. Awwwwwww! special photos of special people! and all the reminices you must have had.
    I loved the carhenge! Too funny.
    The family gets larger and larger, more memories.

  8. I enjoyed your family pictures.

    Thank you for entering my giveaway and sharing with me your perspective on why you quilt. :)

  9. What a wonderful trip and so nice to fill up the church pews with the family!! I know your parents had to love that as mine do when that happens.

    The shop hop sounds like a blast! Oh my word, how did you not go broke doing that?! Haha!

  10. That is a nice, and sweet post!


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