Monday, June 14, 2010

Hexagon Quiltalong Completed!!

Quilted "love". . . can you see it?

I'm glad to have accomplished my goal. This one is a happy quilt!

It's quilted, but I haven't washed it yet.

another message of love in the quilting~!

I drew a lot of hearts, too. This is one of my favorites!

I have reached several goals with this quilt, actually:
  • This was from the "too good to cut" fabrics, my first jelly roll purchase and I kept putting off even opening it~!
  • It was also on my "ten finishes for 2010" list, check!
  • It is completed in time for our trip, and to give to the folks~ that's the best thing!
So, I'm a happy girl! I hope you all are feeling good about your sewing and creative crafting, too. It sure feeds the soul.

Happy Quilting,


  1. I can see the LOVE. When I machine quilt, I usually do loop de loops, with lots of hearts, and sometimes I write words too...just depending on who the quilt is for.

    Your quilt gift will be a hit!

  2. It's wonderful to see a finish! We don't often have those in the blogosphere. And that it's on your Ten in '10 list makes it even better. Congratulations, and nice work! We're very proud of you!

  3. LOVE-------LY.

    LOVE your posts !

  4. Beautiful Quilt. You should feel extra proud of your accompolishment. Love your blog. Keep up the great work.

  5. That's awesome! Congrats to you! It sure feels so good to mark something off the list... I just LOVE that feeling!!

    How cute that you put love and hearts in that quilt. So adorable! I've not seen that before. It is beautiful Pokey!

  6. It really is a happy quilt. Your quilting is amazing and I 'love' that you quilted love into it too.

  7. I couldn't agree more that our sewing and creative crafting feed the soul. And what a happy feeling there is to meet a schedule, especially when what we've made is a gift. Yours will be a hit!

    P.S... Blue Kitchen Sink is looking wonderful

  8. Your machine quilting is spectacular!

  9. Pokey, this is just beautiful. I'm so pround of you!

  10. Very pretty quilt, glad you have another finish.. I'm sure your friends will love it.

  11. How fun! I do see it. some time ago I made a quilt for DH and the quilter stitched a little love message into that quilt. We discovered it later and were so thrilled about it. Your quilt is beautiful!!

  12. Yay! It is such a Sweet quilt! This is going to look even more fabulous washed!

  13. so fresh and pretty! I love the green!

  14. Love the quilt and the fabric. Both are very cute.


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