Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This One's for You, Jenn!

My friend Jenn, whom I've never met...You know, that is an interesting statement, but if you are a blogger, you totally "get it", anyway... Jenn gave me a challenge of sorts to re-post my 6th photo ever posted, and kinda recycle it.

Now, it you followed that longest-rambling-sentence-in-history, I chose to not use the "giveaway" pictures, (besides, I did not win them!) and here is my 6th photo:

This is my family by love, Larry's big/little sister, Ginger, and his/our Mom. I think it's cool that this is the photo. I just got off the phone with Mom, she was checking on our stolen car thing, and asking about our plans for this June.

See, this was taken when we went home to Nebraska to a surprise visit celebrating Mom's 80th birthday last year. Now, forward to this year, because we get to celebrate Dad and Mom's 50th Wedding Anniversary! They were married in March, but we are a family of so many in the ministry of Christian School Education, it was set to celebrate in June, and we are happy to participate!

I get out of school on a Thursday at noon, and we are to be there for the celebration at 2 p.m. Saturday.

We are driving.

We live in California, they are in Nebraska.

1,200 miles.

20 hours.


Thank you for the shout out, Jenn!
Love, Pokey


  1. Have a safe trip and fun with your family!! Carol

  2. Oh have a wonderful time......we just celebrated my DMIL's 85th birthday. she is a little ( 100 pounds) dynamo......full of love and patients.
    My father in law died the week before their 55th wedding anniversary......but we had a big 50th for them and took them to France for two weeks!

    I hope you have some handwork for all those miles!
    Safe trip Pokey :0
    and Happy sewing!

  3. Aww...what an appropriate photo! I hope you have a great time at your parents anniversary! COngratulations to them!! You sure do have a long drive ahead of you. Enjoy the ride. I'll pray for traveling mercies.

    I noticed that you were a quilter - my mom is as well. She's actually in her sewing room right now stitching it up. I wish I had learned to sew from her! But alas, I never did. She has a blog if you are interested in checking it out - I'll tell her about yours too! She's at Sorry about leaving the link - I'm not trying to spam. Promise! :)

  4. Glad to hear you are going to help celebrate your mom's birthday. Enjoy! Drive carefully. And, I hope you have a wonderful summer. Stay in touch!


  5. I love the picture. It is so special. The tea cups and tea pots mom put on a sweat shirt for me several years ago. Our son, Joe, sent the lace curtains from France when he was there in language school. I love that sweat shirt. Thanks, Pokey for sharing.

  6. Are you also originally from Nebraska? We have family in Nebraska (I'm originally from South Dakota) and my husband lived in Omaha for a few years way back when.

  7. Hi! No, Larry and I both grew up military (Air Force) brats, and lived a bit of everywhere. When his Dad retired, he returned to his home in the sandhills of western Nebraska, as did my dad to rural Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.
    We ended up back in California (we had attended Bible college here) because my Larry's field is graphic art. We miss being away from all family, but take the verse (out of context, I know, grin) "whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content"!

    God Bless,


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