Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's on the Frame

For my friend Debbie J. from my Monday night quilt class, here's her piecework that I was honored to quilt for her.

She's a friend with patience, I've had this to do since January's "10 in 10" list was posted!

She has trusted me with one other project, a table topper that she gave at Hanukkah.

I had agreed with Susan today, you do approach someone else's work with a little fear and trepidation-what if I mess up? But, the extra precaution usually pays off with a very satisfied accomplishment, and another goal reached. I'm happy with it, I hope she is, too!

Now, it has become another completed project to cross off the list.
Don't you love reaching a goal?

Now, here's what's cooking for dinner, "Too Two Chili" with cornbread, great for our stormy weather!
*note: I'm editing in the recipe
Larry says it's too good (it is soupy, and a lot like Marie Calendar's)
and it has almost two of everything:

Too Two Chili
-2 lbs browned and crumbled hamburger or ground turkey
season with black pepper and garlic powder while cooking
-2 onions, &-2 bell peppers, chopped (seeded) and softened in
-2 T. olive oil (or 1T, and 1/4 c water to boil them soft)
put in a large crockpot or stove top stewpot, and add undrained:
-2 cans stewed tomatoes, crushed
-2 cans kidney beans, regular size cans
-2 cans pinto beans, large size cans
-2 c water
-2 T chili powder
-2 t garlic powder
you can add red pepper flakes for "heat" if you prefer.
Cook for a while, it is good the next day, too. Yummy with cornbread!
Let me know if you try it.

And here is the little progress on my
Blue Kitchen Sink, from:

It is slow progress. Well, maybe it's just me. . . I am a little pokey. . . .

Happy Quilting,


  1. Now that's looking good.......the blue quilt top, I mean ! I just love a blues quilt.

    The star looks really good the way you quilted it. Is it for a very spoiled doggy, or just for someone spoiled ON doggies?

  2. What beautiful work on the blues! I just love the pattern!

  3. What's the significance of the name Too Two Chili? I'm nosy I guess.

    Love the blue quilt you are working on. Very pretty fabrics!

  4. I added the recipe, Sue! Enjoy, pokey

  5. Wow,great job on the black quilt, which I might add is amazing...and I love the colors of you blue...

  6. Debbie's quilt is too cute. Wonder if they make that black and white fabric in cats? I really love the blue scrap quilt. I may have to try that pattern myself. I have so many patterns I want to try now that I will have to live to be 250 to get them all made!!

  7. Oh, I'm anxious to see more of your Blue Kitchen Sink - very cute.

  8. Congratulations on crossing a project off your list. It's a striking quilt and your friend should be proud. Your blue and white quilt is intriguing. I've been thinking about making one of those myself, but I'm still deciding on the blocks.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It's been fun to visit yours.

  9. Thank you , I cannot wait to try that recipe! and that quilt is soooooo cute!!!!!

  10. I love the blues. I can't wait to see the finished results!

  11. Thanksfor shring the chili recipe. I am always looking for a fun varation.

  12. Love the blues, but know what caught my eye? The ME crock pot!!! how cute!

  13. I love the dog project you quilted. What's Debbie going to do with it? Is it a dog bed?

    I just got my Scrap Basket Surprise book and have yet to decide which pattern to make first!

  14. OMG...where did you get your crock pot???? It looks like Mary it??? I am always looking for new chili recipes..thanks for sharing :)

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the Black , White and REd all around quilt, is the pattern from McCall's Magazine?????
    So fun to see it made up by someone else, so imagine my surprise when I came to visit your blog and see one of my quilt patterns made up from the magazine!
    OMG where did you get that ME crock pot! I love Mary Englebreit
    good luck with the blues kitchen quilt , love the fabrics your using

  16. So, you're THAT Kathie Holland?!? How cool is that!
    This pattern my friend Debbie (the one who made your quilt, I only quilted it for her) came as a print out from all people, I'm assuming both are owned by the common publisher. Thank you for pointing that out, I cannot wait to share with Debbie at quilt class Monday night. Thanks, Kathie!

  17. Well, Debbie J is MY sister. Love her quilts, but love her more!


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