Thursday, February 28, 2013

February's Whiggly Whimsy ~


The last day of February is here, and I have done some work on my quilt top for Terry's sew-along! I knew I still did not want a "just white" background, and I have wanted to use this red square dot print....(I wonder, does anyone recognize it?)   :-}

Looking through my charm square packs, I found 2 of the "Circa 1934" packs, and thought that they would work perfectly for the job. 

I'm pretty sure I want to go a bit larger than the 56" finish size the pattern calls for. 

 I am adding a bit of this and that; I can't leave well enough alone, lol :-}


 ~the finished table runner was my practice 
of the pattern...again, no plain background~

AND----My Sweetie is home!
"What are you taking my picture for?"

 "Because I want folks to know how happy I am, and why!!"

"Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; yea, our God is merciful." Psalm 116:5


  1. Nice for you to have Larry home! I am looking forward to seeing more progress on your new quilt,

  2. Your wiggly whimsy looks great! I always seem to change a pattern I'm working on too, but I don't think I will on this one.

  3. oh thats going to be a fun quilt love that background fabric!
    glad he is home.

  4. The print background looks great. I don't recognize the fabric, though. It's going to be cute!

    Hi, Larry! Welcome home! =D

  5. Love the pokey, err, ah, polka dots.

  6. So happy your sweetie is home! I love the background fabric you're using. Very creative, clever and just plain lovely!!!

  7. Welcome home, Larry!!! I too have a hard time with plain backgrounds. This one is great.

  8. I really like you choice in background - adds so much variety and texture!

  9. Welcome home Larry. She really did miss you!

  10. Great job on your quilt...and what a handsome hubby you have!!! Very blessed...

  11. Your quilt is going to be fantastic! Love that background fabric.
    So glad your husband is home safe and sound!

  12. A happy woman you are indeed, playing with wonderful fabric and design and enjoying the beatific smile of your beloved! Glad all is well at home :)

  13. I really like that table runner, Pokey! So cute. A handsome guy you have there! I'm glad he's home. Have a lovely day.

  14. Oh my. I love that last picture of Larry! He's so adorable with that sweet, special smile. I just want to hug him! Please do so for me!

    As for your quilt... it looks quite intriguing. I haven't seen that pattern. Looks really good, and somewhat modern. I will be watching to see how it develops.

  15. Great picture of Larry, I know you were so happy have him safely home.

    Good to see you are getting some quilting in Pokey, it is good therapy
    isn't it?

    Happy Sewing

  16. I love the smile on your beloved's face after you told him why you took a picture....precious.



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