Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Spy, Dr. Seuss and Other Smiley Fun ~

We had a bit of celebration at school, my class brought in about 40 Dr. Seuss books from home and we read and copied poems from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (which is one of my childhood faves). Each of my kids read alone or together their poem of choice from the book to the whole school during a Dr. Seuss assembly! They all did a wonderful job, and we came back to class and ate a cookie shaped like a fried egg, frosted in white and a green (white chocolate) "yolk" dot, you know, those dots of chocolate you melt to pour into molds? Sorry, I forgot to get a photo of those! 


But, I did do a math lesson on measurements, and wore an apron made (basically) from 1 yard of fabric. It was a great day.
Funny how many of the girls commented on this little scallop stitch detail on the pockets, 
 ~ complements of Bernina stitches ~
The I Spy quilt was pinned on the frame last weekend in hopes of posting a quilt finish for February, 


but alas, the machine that I refuse to name again was being persnickety, and so the bobbin case has been taken to the quilt shop machine dr. Hopefully it will be getting the "inoculations" needed to get up and running. I will take the whole machine in, but dr. Shelley didn't think that was necessary yet... 

 I'll show more of this one when I can get it finished.

Lydia is making these pens with colorful duct tape. Something new to grade with at school. Tape roses, 
~ how cool ~

 Meanwhile, our quilt class enjoyed this I Spy swap so much, that I'm offering 2 swaps this time one with I Spy and one with polka dots. 


I knew it was coming up, so if a dot print caught my fancy, I'd pick up a piece here or there. 
 Well, when I pulled my pieces out, look what I've done- I only needed two one yard pieces! There is more than enough since we are only swapping charm squares. Lol, looks like I will be having fun with dots ~

some of these prints are actually charm squares from a previous dot swap online 

Speaking of fabric finds, while I was in purchasing the Dr. Seuss pieces this past week, 
 I found this cute print for faces in the tiny houses from scraps. 


 so you really must search to find a happy face that little. Lookie: 

a girl beaver in the water-with a pink hair bow!!
-and, this little drawer organizer keeps the tiny pieces organized until ready for use.  
Can you see little Tory laying on the bed in the sun?

It was a bonus Highlights gift from school many years ago, isn't it sweet?

My method is to make a dozen or so windows, then so many doors, and I've learned to make the roofs and chimneys at the same time, because I have different prints I'm using for the sky. 
These are windows from a Mary E. flower print 

 this is my favorite heart for the window, remember this print from long ago? I wish I had more!

Then I sit and assemble what roof goes with what door and window. 

Occasionally, one piece has to wait until I make one especially for it, but I just pin the pieces in a stack until I've made one I like to go with it. This is much faster for me, without too many decisions.

See how little pupperdo is ignoring me and the camera, I've even gotten closer, but no looking at the Momma! What a toot!
There is one of the pretzel bins of bitty bits for these tiny homes 
~ More than 100 houses in this basket ~

Happy Quilting!
"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalm 37:4 


  1. Lots of happy pictures!
    I enjoyed your dot collection because for nearly two years my Sweet Teen has been collecting dots and small stripes for her next quilt. (Help! I just got the binding on the music quilt last December!)

  2. What a fun post full of so much sewing goodness! And oh how I love those house blocks! Wonderful that you made a lesson so much fun with your Dr. Seuss!

  3. My jaw just dropped!!! 1 HUNDRED of these wee leeetle houses?! Yikes, gotzta have patience. =)


  4. 100 houses and hours of fun and your system.
    Oh this is going to be such a stinking cute quilt!

    Happy Sewing

  5. How big are the house blocks? They look great. and dr seuss. what a fun day for your kids?

  6. So many wonderful things to look at in this post! Love the I Spy quilt. I have made a couple and my grandkids love them. All the tiny windows and tiny houses are so cute. Maybe some day I'll work on making one too. The tape flowers are so fun. I've seen pictures where couples make their prom dresses and tuxes out of tape too. Such fun!

  7. I can imagine the fun the children would have with all the Dr Suess activities. Great idea.
    Love the little faces for the houses. You're up to 100 already? Wow!!

  8. I always love reading your posts. Your quilts are always beautiful, and you are always so cheery and delightful. Your students must have so much fun! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. Everything looks wonderful! I really love those duct tape roses! My daughter would love those! :0)

  10. A terrific party for the school kids. Sure like your apron! Sorry that your machine is giving you a tough time. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sewing machine doc will get you back up and running.

  11. unbelievable...those 100 HOUSES !!!!!! you make me ashamed...Have not done much sewing/quilting this weekend...

  12. I LOVE your houses!! You are making super progress. I have been collecting tiny prints for my windows too. Maybe we could swap a few little pieces sometime for more variety. I think it's so fun finding them. Your I Spy quilt is great too. I really love the red.

  13. What a fun post, Pokey. Sounds like lots of fun with Dr. Seuss. I have some of the fabric and want to make a baby quilt with it. Polka dots are in and I'm sure you will find a good use for all those great dotty pieces. Your little houses are really super cool! Keep on having fun with them.

  14. Wowsa! You've sure been home-building! Too bad our housing market isn't booming in the same way! So sorry to hear about your machine, again. I know how frustrating that is. Cute duct tape flowers. Isn't it something, all the things that can be made with duct tape? Good post with lotsa goodies.

  15. Those houses are adorable and so much fun! Those little faces are perfect! That fabric would be a perfect addition to an I Spy quilt too! Keep sewing and having fun! Gail

  16. What fun! My son's school didn't even do that much. I think my favorite part of the day would be the green fried egg cookie, hehe.

    Lydia's flower pens look like fun! I've been seeing lots of things popping up made out of duct tape... now there is all colors and prints.

    Oh wow, your houses are great Pokey!! I love the people fabric that you found to go with it. I was literally laughing out loud at the little floating beaver, that is too cute! I can see that you are going to have much fun with that fabric, haha! I'm loving this quilt already!

  17. My gosh, lots going on around your place. Love your little houses and how inspired you are to fussy cut the window scenes, so fun! The duct tape flowers are jazzy!

  18. Come and see my first quilt!
    Thanks for your blog inspiration.


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