Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Went on Down The Road

 This is my friend Carolyn Toledo's quilt! She is in my Monday night quilt class. 

 Her quilt guild was the one that decorated the foyer with quilts~
 this is a liberated wedding ring.

~loved the houses and topiary trees~

 Ginny B., Larry and I were just a few of the attendees to The Road to California Quilt Show this year. It is in our neck of the woods, so I just hate to miss! I'm sharing a few I liked, Larry is always surprised at which quilts are my faves; they are not always the ones other folks rave about or remember, but that's why there is so much diversity at a quilt show, right?

I'm always drawn to piecing and - COLOR! 

 And geometric puzzles with color!

~ I really appreciated this red and white, wow ~
~ a few close-ups ~
I think these blocks finished at eight inches-!

 This one was an earlier work of a fabric "sculptor" artist, she said the flat pieces (quilts) were her work before 1995 (I think). Larry loved her stuff. I thought it was funny she referred to the quilts as flat work!
I always have admiration for crazy quilts.They are patchwork fun visually. There were several there this year. Now I'm wishing I knew how to move a picture from my phone to show you, shucks!

 ~ I just liked this one~

Here is our Christmas Cactus in bloom again this year. I'm showing this for 2 reasons, 1- it doesn't live up to it's name. It must be January Cactus in our case,

and 2- my friend Vicky who gave it to us has no luck with hers blooming, and I told her I'd post it because I love her enough to tease her, LOL!!

I wanted to separate my little quilt from the beauties featured above. It has been done for a week, but no photos to prove it until now.

 How cool, you can see the writing on the picture above, "God is love"!

Now, I want to show you the Twelve days of Christmas tops, or the 12 tiny houses, but I guess that will be for next time. Tomorrow is FRIDAY, and I can hardly wait for weekend!

Blessings, Pokey

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding," Proverbs 4:7


  1. Oh, lucky girl, you went to Road to CA!!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful quilts. Love them all!

  2. What beautiful quilts... including your "God is Love" quilt! Lots and lots of eye candy....

  3. I love your quilt the bestest!!1 =-)

  4. Thank you taking us with you to the quilt show. I really enjoyed it!

  5. I enjoyed the show, fabulous quilt...just fabulous. I am drawn to color as well...

  6. All lovely quilts, including your own!

    The one you labeled "I just like this one," is my favorite of all! How do you think that was put together? I would love to figure out that block!

  7. Om my goodness - what a lovely bunch of quilts! I can't decide a favorite. Thanks for lovely photos, plants and YOUR quilts as well!

  8. Those Road to California show quilts are amazing. It makes me wonder how anyone even has the nerve to enter a quilt in a juried show. With competition like that, who even thinks she might win?! Your quilt is really pretty, and has the perfect quilting designs.

  9. Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts. Love the one on your bed.


  10. Your simple nine patch is really beautiful, maybe not show worthy
    but still beautiful and how you get so much done and work full time
    is amazing. Nice job!
    Oh the show looks so fun, so much to see, glad you got to go :0)
    thanks for sharing some of it with us.

    Happy Sewing

  11. Thanks for sharing the Road to California quilts. They are wonderful. Love your finished quilt and the message too. I used to have a Christmas cactus that belonged to my Mother and to her friend before that. It was over 100 years old when I got it. Sadly, our cat loved it too and found it such a wonderful place to sleep.

  12. It's always fun to see your blog; thanks for the pictures from the quilt show. I saw the red/white quilt on another blog and fell in love with it - red is my favorite color.

    Hope you and Larry are doing well, friend.

  13. Every one a winner but I love the colours on the crazy ,The red and white stunning Your own quilt a real classic .

    My cacti hasn't even got buds on yet . It's a big baby so perhaps struggling a bit this year

  14. It's always great to see the quilts from other guilds. I do like the one with the houses and the topiary trees.
    Love the red and white one, too, from the Quilt show. Wow.
    It's great to see your completed quilt. Gorgeous quilting. Beautiful work. Congratulations.

  15. Thanks for giving us a little taste of the quilt show. Fabulous! And your 9 patch came out beautifully!

  16. Totally dig the quilt show and the christmas cactus but gosh your little quilt is divine!!!


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