Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keepin' It Real

I was reading over at Vickie's blog, and she shared on coming across a "challenging" sewing lesson. Haven't we all had those times? We don't always share, though. (Mary had shared recently, too, and since their same challenge had happened regarding the same project, I'd say there might need to be some changes to the product.) I was thinking that we sometimes ought to present the problems we face, just to keep the quilting real. It sure has inspired me.

I had sewn my crazy patches (for the last quilt I completed) way before the quilt was finished, August '07! When I shared my quilt in class, I also expressed the fact that the squares were 'a pain' and finished out almost 1 1/2" smaller than the pattern I'd used from a magazine
had said they should (because of the -razzle-frazzle!- bias).Well, it had me frustrated, and I put them away. Not being all the way a dummy, thankfully I squared them up before packing them.

When Press had approached me at the end of June for a quilt in September (!), the packed away squares made it easier to forgive my imperfections and use these perfectly good -but not true to the "pattern"- pieced patches, and go on to what I'm happy to call a completion.

Anyway, after "share time" in my quilting class, two different people came and told me, "You know, if you kept this to yourself, no one would know." I realize they were only encouraging me. The fact still stands, though, that if we do not share the reality of creative struggles, there are those of us (maybe new to quilting?) who would not continue the craft if they do not "discover" we all hit a tough lesson in our projects from time to time. It's not all projects, but it does help to know that problems can be part of the creative process. Maybe this is why I enjoy puzzles....

Aside from lessons learned, I have a couple of sweet quilts I'll be sharing soon, all pink and brown and I'm having fun! Sometimes, quilting is all good ~

Happy Quilting!

09/06/10 edited to add for Rita's question~
As far as the magazine the crazy patch pattern came from, shucks if I remember! But you can probably trace one out, it has five pieces, four go around the center "cup". It was red check first, then navy floral, 3-white background stars, 4-red, then 5-triangle of r/w/b/brick print. I created my own stars. Personally, if I were to try this patch again, I think I'd paper piece it. Sorry, I hope this helps a bit ~


  1. We all have had problems in getting our quilts together. Let's face it, not all quilts will be of heirloom quality and we learn so much along the way. The first quilt I ever pieced was a
    "trip around the world" full of little squares - or supposed to be squares. I did lots of fudging and taking in seams to make things fit. Bet there weren't many actual square squares in that top. However, it looked lovely when it was done and I was so proud. I think a good qullter has to know how to do a little fudging!! Looked at as a whole, our quilts are beautiful!! Carol

  2. I agree. Some of my "put it away until I can make it better" quilts turn out pretty good after they have had time to ripen and my frustrations with it disappear.

  3. I agree with you Pokey. It's great to share our set backs and struggles because we all have them, no matter how experienced we are. And when we read about someone else's set backs, it reminds us that we aren't the only ones.

    That quilt did turn out beautifully though. :-)

  4. I appreciate keeping quilting "real." It's not so I can be puffed up about myself as in, "Well, I'VE never done THAT!" - but so I can permit myself to make mistakes, silly ones or not, and be humble. Everyone loves the highs of quiltmaking, but it's the lows that truly build our abilities and character. YOU'RE a character, Pokey! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your so right about sharing the problems.....we all have them.....and it may save a new quilter from giving know there is always a silver lining. Trish

  6. I love it when someone tells me their problems and helps me and also...helpe me to know that I am not the only one that makes mistakes.

  7. What? I don't have to be perfect to sew cute stuff. Whew! What a relief! You are kind to share your dillema and the solution you came up with.

  8. What a wonderful post Pokey!! I could not agree more, not all patterns are created equal, and if someone blogs about a problem they had while making a quilt, it helps us all. Plus, if you can't figure out what to do about it, someone else out there in blogland usually can!

  9. I totally agree with you, Pokey, and I cannot WAIT to see the pink and brown quilt. I LOVE pink and brown. Hmmmm...just might have to think about making one. I always drool when I see pink and brown together.

    Now hurry up and show us! *grin*

  10. You're definitely right...I think we hesitate to mention our sewing troubles because we fear that 'everyone knows this already and i'm a dummy cuz i don't!' - not true, right!!! Thanks so much and I'll keep this in mind for future posting!

  11. Great commnet Pokey, we should all share so we can help each other...or not! I had an experience and still struggle with bindings, I can't get the corners right no matter how hard I try. I took one of my quilts to a local shop and instead of concentrating on my problem, she told me how my quilt should have exact 1/4" seams and it was obvious I wasn't submitting that quilt to the fair....I haven't asked for help since & I still don't make 1/4" seams all the time and no one knows but me when its all done....someday I will get brave and ask again for help! In the meantime, I keep making more and more quilts for those in need!

  12. I'm glad that it's helpful to others, because there's just something in me that has to point out my glitches !

    Thanks for'keepin' it real' !

  13. Well, Pokey, I agree with you! I like to share my glitches. It just makes the quilt more interesting when I can share how I fixed it (or left it as is) and the quilt still turned out great. My BQFF and I always pat each other on the back; and tell each other it's okay. I think of it as a quilting adventure!

  14. BTW, I still love that quilt! What magazine was the pattern in?

  15. Thanks for keeping it real! I totally agree with you. I never thought about it being a deterrent to new crafters. But you are right, it really could be a discouragement.

    I love this quilt! I am a primitive patriotic lover and this is wonderful!!

  16. I appreciated your words - keeping it real enables other quilters to feel good about what they're doing instead of making them hide things away and never make any progress! blessings, marlene

  17. If we share are set backs and trouble it makes others realize that they are not alone...we all have been there, will be there and might be there!!
    When I attend my longarming treats we are constantly being told that unless we point it out nobody knows about goes unnoticed. I had to learn to quit being critical of how each and every stitch looked...I've come a long way with that. When it comes to piecing....I love others tutorials and at times I too learn a new trick!

  18. I agree with you, Pokey. Except for the boring unsewing part, mistakes are valuable lessons learned and shared.
    Very often they also make good stories. After a while.-)


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