Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Inspirational Posts

"Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!" Mark 11:9

Today, there have been two blogs that inspired me in my walk with the Lord, I wanted to share with you their posts.

Jenn of Life in Bonetown shared about the words of songs, and how we seem to pay more attention as we grow older. She shared a song, "Midnight Cry", that really is a personal favorite of mine.
Never done this before, I'll see if I can paste a You Tube copy here.

Sparkle Jars posted a great quote, which made me want to share a little more in depth about my class theme.

Front and center of my room are these patchwork-colored letters, "Always Do Your Best".
After reading the Sunday Quote that Gayle posted, I wanted to share just what "YOUR Best" means in my classroom.
I start the year telling them that Mr. Davis is an artist, while I am drawing something, usually an animal, on the chalkboard, doing my best.
When I'm done, I ask the class if Mr. Davis could have drawn it better (and sometimes, their answer is an enthusiastic "YES!!") That is when I remind them I am required to do MY best, no matter how good someone else's drawing may be.
Teaching at a Christian school, I present the fact that God only requires my best of me, and not that it matches someone else's ability.

That, my friends, is part of God's Grace.



  1. You found it! And, the CATHEDRALS!!!! My husband's favorite group! Lovely, girl! Thanks for the shout out....God bless you! You've inspired me right back with your words on doing our best! I need to remember that in my business, too! Love ya, Jenn

  2. Happy Sunday to you! Thanks so much for coming over to join my blogoversary today!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. Such a sweet motto, and a great lesson. I wish I was in your class!

  4. What a wonderful post. I love the music never heard of the Cathedrals but they are wonderful.

  5. I believe that Jesus is coming back soon also. We have been studying Revelation in church and it is amazing that everything that is happening in our world today has been already told to us in the Bible. If you would like to hear more inspirational music, i am in a mixed quartet and our myspace is Thanks for posting that wonderful song.

  6. I too wish I were in your class, Pokey. Keep inspiring those that teach! I am so glad that you are my sister.

  7. Great motto for your class and a really great teaching moment. Good lesson for us all to do our personal best and not compare ourselves to anyone else. Thanks.


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