Monday, March 15, 2010

She's Alive!

Yes, alive and thankful to be mending. Whatever this viral thing is/was, it sure did a number on me. But, I stripped the bedding and washed the quilts-! to try to shake the "sick bugs" outta here!
The weather has cooperated, and I've had the windows open to air the place out. Does anyone else do this for health reasons? I always feel better to clean everything. I'm tired, but looking forward to a new day feeling better. There, that's said.

Karen of Quilts, Etc. is hosting a giveaway for her friend, Teri, a non blogger. Teri wants to give back to the generous blog people, as she has been a winner previously. How sweet is that?
I read about this on Karen's blog this weekend. Now, one of the fun rules they have attached is that I will get a point if you mention you read about this and say my name! So, go sign up, and tell them Pokey sent you over.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Glad you're feeling lots better! Hope you feel better each day. We may not be in spring yet, but it's getting closer. :-) Carol

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. With my recent cold, I too went thru the entire house with cleaner (spraying door knobs, phones, keyboards, etc.) And cars also now have an extra bottle of hand sanitizer! Hope you don't get sick again - ever!


  3. We had that terrible stuff last week. I feel for you. Don't hop up and think you can "go" as usual. Take your time, drink loads, and we'll be praying for you. Love ya!

  4. Hi! That virus is getting to us all! Happy to hear yours has packed its bags!

    Thanks for pointing us to the giveaway. I did mention your name so you will have more entries!

    You commented on my blog about you knew it wasn't a sales pitch about the Busy Mom's Bible. I had worried about it sounding like that. Part of the deal with getting this Bible (my friend reminded me that she was the one who linked me to sign up... my memory isn't always my bff anymore) was to get the word out through blogging about it. Had I disliked it, I would have had to honestly state that, and why. But I absolutely loved it! I normally would just highlight a link to Amazon, to make it easy to find for anyone who might want one. But, my friend (same one as above), linked me to a place on Amazon where I could sign up and make a percentage on any who bought it. I didn't read all the details, so don't know what that amount is, but I just thought it was a wise thing to do, since if one of the bloggerinas were going to buy one anyway, why not earn a bit of money. However,I thought I better explain all of this to you. I meant every single word I said in that post. This Bible, to me, was God's answer to one of my prayers. :)

  5. Happy to hear you're feeling better.. I had bronchitis a month ago and those little coughs in the morning and evenings keep hanging on. I'll be so happy when I'm over this. My dear hubby was sick first and I usually use those antibacterial wipes on the door handles and all around the house, but this time I forgot. Go figure..

  6. So glad to hear you are feeling better and getting fresh air!!! You must be back to school then?! And back to quilting soon!

  7. Oh, I know what you're talking about! My family was bit by that same bug. It was an awful week around here. As soon as I feel better I'm washing and airing too! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


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