Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kitties and Yo-Yos

These are the weeks of report cards, grading stacks of student's work that seemed to be laid aside for a better time . . . WHAT was I THINKING?!? Where is my magic easy button? Oh, well, I'm plowing through. You know, I earned my name "Pokey"-!

Lydia's MIL-to-be loves cats, I think they currently are owned by 4 . . . .

Mrs. Wise's birthday was last week, so this charm tote was a joint venture by Lydia and I. She did all the collecting, cutting and piecing, and most of the quilting. I was involved in the final construction.

Lydia even made the neat zipper tote to match!

With my work (and actually we've had some fairly serious 'illness' in the family) I have sure missed the sewing machine.

My friend Leanna has been yo-yo busy. I was hoping to show a few things that she literally made into two yo-yo project kits for me, I'll show eventually.

But, she brought in this table runner today, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

She does such beautiful stitches, . . .

I cannot believe how tiny these are!

That's our U.S. quarter, so these finish at about 1 inch . . . .

I have my quilting class tomorrow, I'm helping my friend Ginny with her first quilt! Maybe soon, I'll be back to sewing! I hope, . . . .

Happy Quilting, Pokey


  1. I love to make yo-yo's for different projects but none that small and not so many. That is beautiful. I love the tote and bag too.

  2. What a fun tote!!! The yo yo's are amazing....neve made them but maybe one day???

  3. The runner is gorgeous and I love that bag!

  4. I LOVE the tote but that table runner is unreal. I wish someone would do a tutorial on yo yo's. I have the hardest time with them. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment.

  5. I love the kittie happy and cheerful. The yo yo runner is amazing!

  6. Love your yo yo's and the cat tote is so darling! I can't believe you have that many cat prints! So fun!

  7. What a beautiful beautiful bag!! Thank you for your kind words on my finished sampler.

  8. Now that's an incredible set of yo-yos. Mine were 2.5 inches. I hardly had the patience for that. Cute tote!

  9. Wow...that yo-yo runner is really REALLY cool!

  10. I love it, yo yo's and kitties.


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