Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Flies...

 This has been sewn into a flimsy, but no picture of that. "What border?" is the nagging question, Larry and I cannot agree....

Time flies...and I'm dragging these days, but school has been a joy to get back into. One teaching friend described it as getting back in the routine, so it's a good tired, not a stressed one. I agree. Cute students, teaching with a great staff and getting hugs from those little guys, it's all good. One little gal must have told me 3 times today that I was just beautiful-ha! Made me lol every time. I think it called "looking through the eyes of love",  you can't beat that. But on second thought, I was wearing fushia pink slacks, and a pink and purple shirt - a little girl's dream colors- ha,ha~

Hi to you, sweet Norma!

I've neglected saying hi through sheer lack of time.  Norma said on facebook, "I can tell you are back to work, less posts." :-}

Still sewing by bits, but the only pictures I've taken in the last week is of the kids in my classroom for the 1st day's picture. I get them printed out and use their photos all year for the board in the room that says, "Second Grade is the BEST!", made for me by none other than my favorite live-in artist, my sweet Larry.

~ the built in, almost finished cabinet...the shelves and not finished baseboards ~

Sewing room, uh, not done. I think I need to hire out for helpers, maybe you'll get a home cooked dinner in return? LOL No promises...!

The air conditioner has gone out at home, hopefully it will be repaired tomorrow. Thankfully, we've been too busy to be home, plus there has been a bit of a break in the weather.

We lost a dear friend in a tragic motorcycle accident. It has saddened our church family, we love his family like our own. He has a wonderful testimony for the Lord, and we know we'll see him again, but it is such a loss. Larry was honored to do some art for the special services. Jesse was a young man, a 24 year veteran for the Los Angeles Police Department. "Heaven's getting sweeter all the time"... this is the song running through my mind these days....

 ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Tomorrow is Back to School night, and there is always projects you want to have done so the parents can see you're trying to teach and have art around the room. Jeff and Lydia helped today by making folders for tomorrow's meetings, and hanging some apple mobiles from the ceiling. Hanging colored creativity always adds some fun to the room, and the kids are so proud ~

 ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Okay, I fired up that camera to share these current 15 minutes of sewing:

From the red and white swap ~21 star blocks!

I was totally inspired by Annette of Sunshine Yellow's blog, who also had participated in the swap!

...and this is my sketch of a block I've been admiring, seen here and here, and too cute for me to ignore!


I'm using redeemed squares from my pineapple blossoms, plus other half square triangles I've sewn to go along...using a "Triangulations" cd purchased for 25% off, great deal!


Especially, since my redeemed squares measured an odd 2 3/4" and I wasn't willing to throw that 1/4" away, the cd made it easy to make more hst's the size I needed...and that made me happy!!


"Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is." Jeremiah 17:7


  1. Back to school... tell me about it! Even the young staff members take a while to get back into the swing of things...

    That is some block you're working on... very interesting! You've drawn it out so neatly... and you're tempting me to try one too! *lol*

  2. Hey Pokey...Good to see your post! My two cents worth...I think no border on the quilt. Those red and white star blocks are gorgeous! As are the other blocks you're making. I am so sorry about your friend.

  3. I love that colorful quilt and agree to no borders BUT if you put them on there, I'd go with white. Your post was a very nice one...except for the part about losing your church friend in the accident. Life has so many sadnesses that can hit us unexpectedly like that. Prayers for all who are missing him. LOVE the comment made to you by your little student, too!

  4. If you do borders wither white or the really dark blue to "border" it. Then if you wanted it bigger, you could do a wacky piano key border on the outside of the dark blue.

  5. All of the blocks you have made are goregous along with your beautiful flimsy!
    Sorry to hear about the death of your friend. That kind of loss is never easy.

  6. Oooh la la - I adore those red and white blocks. They are stunning.

    And that quilt top is so sunshiny and happy it's making me smile just to look at it!

  7. I LOVE your red and white blocks and the red centers are such a fun touch. Great job!!

  8. I always think, It's better to be busy than bored! You sure qualify.

  9. Do you really even need a border on that gorgeous, colorful quilt? Put a black and white polka dot border on it and call it done!

    Love the sketched block and what you've done so far!

    So sorry about your friend.

  10. Don't you think that if you HAD to post a pic of me, you could have at LEAST put it directly under that little girl's comment?!?!?

  11. Love your quilt, and loving those red and white blocks!!

  12. I just love that quilt, it is so awesome (and I'm not one for bright colors).

    I love hearing about your school days. I just know you are a fun, loving, fun-loving teacher and I wish my kids were in your class!!

    Your sewing room has came a long, long ways already! If you get discouraged, just look back on past posts so you can all the hard work you've put into it so far. It is going to be an amazing room when you are finished and will be worth all the blood, sweat, and tears, hehe!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. Sounds like he was a good, upstanding man.

    Loving all the squares, especially the reds... oooooh!!!

  13. Your little girl is right. You ARE beautiful! Love that bright colorful quilt. I wouldn't put a border on it. How about just a scrappy, colorful binding?

  14. I love teaching little ones. I {almost} miss it. =)

    I love your bright quilt. It reminds of Dr. Suess. All quirky and fun.

  15. Great pictures of a wonderful, wonky quilttop and some really beautiful blocks. And, Pokie, believe the little girl despite of your attire!

  16. so very sorry about the young man:(
    Love the red....and I bet its nice to get back to those sweet kids!
    Its been a bit cooler here hasnt it...didnt even turn the a/c on yesterday!!! come on fall!!!!

  17. I remember those first day of school days...and the great things that little kids say....enjoy your year

  18. I honestly think your quilt would look great without a border! Love your red and white blocks too! :0)

  19. what a lot of quilting!! red and white blocks are real pretty...the colorful wicky wocky quilt blocks are so cute and creative ,,,looking forward to seeing them both completed.

  20. 2012 will be the year that I begin quilting. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Hi Pokey,
    I just found your blog. Love the story of how you got your name. And the stories of your family are sweet!

  22. Back to school, to the familiar, does have it's joys, I'm sure, especially seeing all those smiling kids! Glad things seem to be going smoothly there. Wish your sewing room was finished for you but it's great that beautiful things are still getting created under your needle. Love the new flimsy. Me, I like borderless quilts :)

  23. Lots of wonderful goodies in this post. Love the red quilt and the block you've sketched out. THe quilt at the top is fab too. I like the idea of a white inner boarder and a multicolor pieced outer border but it's gorgeous just the way it is!

  24. I love the colours in the quilt.

    Happy blogoversary :)

  25. You have been busy!
    I do love those red and white blocks too!

    so sorry about your friend that died, was he riding at the time?
    God rest his soul.

    Thinking of you and hoping you are having too much fun to post these days.

    Happy Sewing

  26. Pokey,

    Loved your post. I love reading about your sweet students!! That girl must just be a darling to have in your class.

    And your red stars - they are absolutely beautiful!!!

  27. Well, to the sewing room.....I understand, after purchasing a long arm machine, I decided to move into the attached garage....well, Betty(the long arm) is out there and some of the supplies I use with her, but I still have a sewing room in the house that needs to be moved.....I know I will be down too long, so I have things strewed from the garage to the sewing room!!! ;)
    Maybe we should get together and help each other out?!?


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