Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little House Time~

The Southern California Quilter's Run has now passed, but not without us enjoying several days of visiting about 30 shops! We also did a bit of collecting of course. It's so hard not to with all those beautiful fabrics out there. Beth was searching for new cherry prints for her kitchen. I have been wanting to do a "brown" quilt. The shops were happy to help us out! Sorry, I didn't have pictures of those to post, maybe next time....

This week, we are working on a few house projects. Chairs getting painted

Jerry putting the newly covered back on this old steel chair

or re-covered

Ta - Dah!!

or another one waiting for it's turn.

I do my dining room chairs like my quilts, give them something common, like the colors, but mismatch the styles. That makes me smile! (Poor Larry, he's a much more orderly kinda guy. He likes match-ey match-ey, but he puts up with my quirks!)

This week we are working on one of two last rooms to be painted in our home.

The folks who had it before us really liked CoLoR and every room had at least one bold color wall.

Let me tell you, we have kept the primer paint company in business. Uh, I think this wall is gonna need two coats before we paint....

Oh, yeah, hopefully this room that has been used for storage will become a sweet sewing studio.
Happy Quilting!



  1. How exciting to have your own sewing studio!

    I am so not a fan of feature walls...and can totally understand why you're painting over it.

    Re-covering chairs is something I love to do . Im really good at it. Love your chairs.

    PS. Last time I painted over something that pink it took two coats of primer and three top coats...good luck!

  2. How exciting to get a new sewing room!! Chairs look great!!

  3. Looks like you have alot planned for your sumer vacation..enjoy!!

  4. So funny.... my husband is match-ey match-ey also while I am like you! It's a good thing we can meet in the middle for a little common ground, ha! I love what you've done with the chairs, they look great!

    I love that red that you are painting over, haha! I don't do just one wall though, I gotta go for it all. I just painted my dining room walls dark red and going to use the same red half-way up in my living room. Everyone keeps telling me to do just one wall but I don't like the look of feature walls. Yours is going to be an awesome room as a sewing studio. =]

  5. The chair looks great. Looking forward to seeing your sewing studio. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. Happy renovations!

  6. I love the chairs and I would also have mismatched chairs if my husband would give me free reign. - sigh- he has opinions. Bummer!
    Have fun with the painting!

  7. What is it with these men? We picked up some chairs from a garage sale and they are so ugly. I had thought about covering them with some fun vinyl fabric that I have that I'll never use, but they wouldn't match and he would never allow it. He'd rather have the ugly. UGH. just saying that about quilts made me think...maybe I could make them look like quilts with patchwork on each. hmmmm, my wheels are turning!

  8. A sewing room for Pokey! Yay! You are going to LOVE having your own room. =)

  9. I'm loving the chair you redid with the black and white seat. Neat to get you a newly painted room to set up for sewing. Trish

  10. I like the mismatched chairs! It's very green, you know, maybe Larry would like that?

    A sewing studio==what a great idea. Hope that happens fast, summer is already begun!

  11. I'd love to see your full set of dining room chairs! I have a set of oak chairs at the kitchen table that I've been recovering the seats one at a time. The first two are just blue upholstery fabric, but #3 I made crazy quilt block (no embroidery) and I LOVE it! #4 is waiting it's turn. Similar fabrics, but it won't "match". {I do have a photo, if you'd like to see :) }


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