Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilt Finishes

Just showing a few finishes. Seems like the quilts always get given away in a hurry, and I never show them bound.

This one was a simple 4 patch with a border and cornerstone sewn on only 2 sides, not all around.

For some reason, the men who see this one choose it as one of their recent favorites in the completion. That's cool, since it's going to Ginny's oldest grandson Weston, who will be 14. Funny how time passes, I remember when his momma was in 3rd grade...!

Can you see his name sewn into this one ?

The cowboy quilt was a hit with the girls at quilt class this last week.

Ginny was so cute holding it up, peeking over the top.

Remember the "neighborhood" exchange Beth and I participated in? This is my house, but not my quilt top!

One of my "neighbors" is working on her quilt, and she built a little park in the middle, love it!
Speaking of my friend Beth, and Jerry, we have shared anniversary dinners over the years, and went to our favorite fish restaurant, Market Broiler. Theirs is May 17th, and ours is May 15th. Tomorrow! We have been married for 35 years.

Hope your weekend is going well, too!



  1. Happy anniversary to you two! I hope for 35 more years... and the happiness that goes with it.

  2. Happy anniversary to you and your DH... with many good wishes for much health and happiness in the years ahead!

    Love your quilts... thanks for sharing... the neighborhood quilt is especially cool!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you all! Fun to have friends to share it with.

    Love the quilts. I need to make some "man" quilts this year since a few boys in the neighborhood are graduating in the next couple of years. I seem to make mostly "girlie" quilts.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Don't those years just fly by? (Well, some of them anyway, ha.)

    Pretty quilts! I really like that blue four-patch. Cool idea to quilt the name in.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both, those years do have a habit of flying by, don't they?
    Love your quilts, what a good idea sewing in the name.

  6. Love the blue quilt! Happy anniversary! :0)

  7. Happy Anniversary, love your quilts.

  8. Thanks for sharing the eye-candy. :-)

  9. Hi Pokey! Love the quilts, especially the cowboy one. And your house block is clever of your friend to "build" a park in the middle of her quilt! Happy Anniversary... I wish you much love and joy for the next 35 years! :o)



  10. Happy Anniversary! I hope your day is full of fun!

  11. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Love your Granny!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!!! Love your blogs and LOVE YOU!!!!!

  13. You make such nice quilts for others. Weston's a lucky young man. Have a blessed 35th anniversary and my sincerest good wishes for the next 35 years!

  14. The house blocks are so cute!!

    A very big happy anniversary to you! =D

  15. Happy belated Anniversary! I love those quilts...the quilting, the colors...everything!

  16. The blue quilt is gorgeous, love those polka dots. Happy Anniversary and many more!

  17. Can't believe you've been married that long......congratulations to you and DH!
    I wish many more happy years together! Got a picture to share of your wedding day?

    Happy sewing

  18. Great finishes! There is a such satisfaction in getting them done, isn't there!

    Happy, Happy anniversary. "A toast to you and your Larry!" for many, many more memories yet to come.

  19. Happy anniversary. I like the blue and brown four patch and the cowboy quilt did you make both. Trish

  20. Gwen you do the most wonderful work and visiting your site is always a blessing to me!

  21. i just love the house exchange blocks...hope my guild might like this idea...


  22. Weston's quilt is very nice, love the blues in it! Of course men like it better... It's a simple design and you know most men are uncomplicated, hehe! Oh, and I think Weston will like his name in it very much!

    Neighborhood exchange... How fun is that?! What a cute idea to put a park in the middle of the neighborhood! Now that's gonna be a fun quilt when you get done, can't wait to see yours.

    Happy belated Anniversary! 35 years is much to be proud of!!


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