Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilting Day ~ What's on the Frame

Happy National Quilting Day! Ha, ha, I know that doesn't matter to some of you, but I find it cool to have a "national" day of celebrating. I was sewing on the quilting frame for a little guy named Logan.

These fabrics are mostly Debbie Mumm, and I think it was Ginny's first quilt that she did the choosing without my advice (but she was pretty safe, knowing it was from one fabric line,*vbs*).
Again, I drew up an easy to accomplish quilt, and off she went sewing.

This quilt is due in for a birthday gift in April, but so is another one that we don't have all the fabric chosen yet, we will though....

The other thing I was able to do was catch up on some quilty blogs! The list was way over 1000 unread posts, so I do have to admit to some skimming, er, "speed reading" at times. There were several dresden projects, these popped out in my view:

Boy, I am hoping to keep mine coming! There are 28 of them pressed, and waiting for the next step.

I'm stuck on a decision, match the centers? I made the circle template and actually sewed 2 on, but they seem to disappear since they are all bright and used in the plate already. I don't want to use the gray, I think it would recede, I'd rather have the circle be defined- stand out, but I may need to put a new piece of fabric in to make that happen. Little decisions. So I'm slowed down on the project, but there are plenty of to- do's on the project list anyway.

I've missed a few giveaways, but my friend Jennifer shared about a new blogger, Rhonda, from the Cumberland Gap area. That is back home for me, friends! Go meet Rhonda and this colorful giveaway.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!



  1. I feel famous being mentioned on your blog.

  2. I enjoyed seeing what was on your frame...looks like you are making hay while the sun shines.....whohooo!!

  3. The quilt on your frame has a great border. Borders always give me problems because I think mine are so blah. I love, love, love the bright Dresdens. Can't wait to see your quilt top and what you pick for the centers. I agree the center of the same fabric sort of disappears. By the way, Sundays are always great....I think it is my favorite day of the week!

  4. I really like that outdoorsy themed quilt on your frame. I have used a bunch of that brown dot fabric myself.

    Your Dresdens are gorgeous! I agree they may need a different center, a solid lighter color maybe? I'm sure you'll work it out!

  5. Those are really pretty blocks. I vote for a different center. More work for you, I know, but I like them to stand out too. But, if you decide not too (which is probably what I would do because I already had centers cut out) they look fab just how they are!

  6. What a colorful post, Pokey. Logan is a blessed little boy! Your dresdens made me swoon.

  7. Ginny did a good job on picking fabrics. Will make a nice gift.

    It is tough deciding on background fabrics. Is white to boring?

  8. Love the dresdens! Those are my colors.

  9. That quilt on the frame would fit right in at my cabin in upper MI on Lake Superior! Perfect.

  10. Happy belated National Quilting Day to you, hehe!

    I really love how you always add the names somewhere in the quilt. It is such a neat personal touch. Logan will have a very nice quilt! I love the greens and browns that Ginny picked out for this one, she did good.


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