Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's on the Frame

This is the weekend I am SUPPOSED to work on my report cards. So, you know that I did what I am supposed to do, right? Yeah, right.
I quilted 2 quilts!

(insert a cheeky grin here!)

I can seem to get all kinds of busy when I have a job hanging over my head, and I've always been that way. I think it's the procrastination/easily distracted/creative part of me.
Do I see other hands out there?
Truthfully, I usually meet my deadlines ahead of time, partly because I draw an earlier time to meet it. My report cards are due in the office on Monday, 01/31/11, my date is Friday the 28th, see? I'll make it. . . .

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. I was working on Steven's quilt earlier in December, he was born the 18th. December being what it was in our house, well, the finish is coming now.The shower for him and his momma sweet Valerie (1st grade teacher at my school) is Wednesday-! yes, this Wednesday, I'll make the deadline!
I line quilted this one, mostly. That was kinda fun.

I've had the fabric for a while, Valerie likes these colors, and I had a feeling that the baby was going to be a "he" (they did this the surprise method). Val called me a "prophetess" but it's nothin' like that. Besides, I had some pinks I could throw in if I was wrong. *vbg*

It started out to be a Stacked Coins, but I turned them on end, can it still be called that? What's cool is, I used some of the fabrics from the wedding quilt I made them.

I'll try to edit and add Steven's finished quilt pictures later...
Here it is finished, and fresh out of the dryer!

This is hanging above my dryer. It was from my friend Ginny B. :-}

This little duck quilt was using a panel print, and Ginny wanted to make it into a quilt for her grandson Colton. Her goal is to make a quilt for each of her 7GK's, and I'm her production manager, lol. I love it, I'm always on the lookout for simplicity, and "we can do it" ideas.

We found this panel out of date, so we looked for our own coordinates, and they are working great. This will be bound with the stripe piece. I love striped binding...

Here is another share from Virginia. This painting was done by Momma for my Daddy. It was from a print, most of her paintings were. It is the biggest canvas she ever did,
I think it is 2' by 3 1/2'. It's beautiful, so dramatic! It now hangs in Happy's home.
They have 4 horses, it seemed right.

Oh, lastly, look at my new signature, made by my honey! (a.k.a. my Larry).



  1. I miss my Pokey! You didn't show me the Steven quilt - it is beatiful. I love the duck quilt, too! Still talking and gooing over my California trip to see you!! Love you so much and am thankful for such a great friend!!

  2. I have to make friends with someone with a long arm quilter :)

    Those are great quilts- love them!

  3. Those are really great quilts!!! So much more fun than grading papers and such!

  4. Love the lime green and teal baby quilt and the ducky one is happy and cute. I don't envy you the deadline of report cards but I too work best under pressure.

  5. Steven's quilt is darlin'! Great colors, and nice quilting. The addition of his name really makes it special. Glad to know Larry's feeling good, making a new siggie for you. It's cute.

  6. Lovely siggy Pokey.

    I LOVE the Steven quilt ...absolutely gorgeous . I'm so making something like that for Little P ! What font did you use since I cannot have an original thought ?

  7. Do I see other hands out there? Yes
    Just seems like we have to push to the limit.
    Gorgeous quilts....Beautiful painting.
    Where do I go to make me a signature. Trish

  8. Little Steven is going to love this quilt! Good design and colors for a boy. Straight stitching is perfect. You and Ginny did a good job finding fabrics for the duck quilt. I can see why you got sidetracked from report cards. Sometimes we work best under pressure. Your Mom's painting is beautiful. Your signature graphic is cute! Larry did good.

  9. Very nice quilts!! Pokey, your blog is always so fun to stop and read.

  10. That is one fantastic quilt for Steven...

    Love the panels and the other projects you are doing....

  11. I especially like the quilt for Steven - I've been drawn to lime and brown lately when I got to fabric stores. The duck quilt is fun too! And the sign in your laundry room is great fun. Glad to find your blog via your BlockLotto post. Best Wishes for a Great 2011.

  12. Cute quilts! I love that sign. And your mom's painting is gorgeous.

  13. Love the brown and green in Steven's quilt. His parents are going to love it!

  14. Wow, so much in a single post! Love everything--the quilts, the font in Steven's name, the quilts, and your lovely new signature!
    (I have to force myself to do report cards too--fortunately, they went home much earlier in the month.
    Happy quiltmaking.......

  15. Fun post Pokey. Love your machine quilting. The Duck Duck Goose fabric is so cute. Special to me as I've made 20+ charity quilts with it, also matching scraps to be able to use it up. cheerful fabrics.


  16. Wonderful quilts Pokey, looks like you've been busy! Your mom did a great job on the painting, what a treasure.

  17. Quilt ADD is the best kind, don't you think? The quilt for the new baby is adorable, love the colors. And the panel quilt too. I love a striped binding on my quilts too.

    Now get to work on those report cards!

  18. Thank you for your kind "welcome back" comment. I'm having fun catching up on your colorful blog. How are those report cards coming along? (I used to teach grades 5/6...loved everything about teaching except report cards!).

  19. I love how you put together the Duck Duck Goose quilt! I have several panels and never know how to use them. Very cute!


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