Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Summer Class of E.S.L. Students

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How do you approach the unknown? Do you jump in, excited for the challenge and looking forward to the adventure to come? I was very unsure of this past week's "job". I was approached to teach a group of Jr. High Chinese students English as a Second Language for the week. I've taught children for about 30 years now. high school, preschool and all in between. I've even taught an adult ed. quilting class. (Rudimentary quilting, just to share the joy of it.)

43 in the classroom, can you believe it?

I knew that teaching Chinese speaking students was something I had never done before, and, I knew Jr. High is a miserable age (sorry, but this is my experience) to be responsible for. All those hormones, I guess. You would have to know so many events that led up to this, but, I knew God was in the opportunity. I knew that, and I was still nervous to do this.

Until I met the kids. And I realized, they are just kids. You know, the kind of little people I have spent a l-o-n-g time working with. This was one great week for me. I hope for them, too.
I've said to friends, once I got the first group taught, I'd either breathe a sigh of relief and feel more relaxed facing the next two groups, or I'd be crying, dreading the next two weeks.

Well, Whew! (I'm smiling, too!)

Basketball: this is what they would do during any free time they had.

On our last afternoon, we had a BBQ with the students and their host stay families. It was a fun time for all.

Yummy food on the grill, and the girls were having fun cooking!

...and here are the hungry boys!

Thanks to you friends for your prayers, and thank you kids.
The week was a memorable one for me, too.

On the creative side, here is a better picture I took while visiting in Nebraska. This is the little table topper quilt I made for Mom's birthday last year. I love squares, and this was a fun floral four patch.

It's still a favorite of mine...

...and this one was cotton florals, with 2 layers of cream flannel. I quilted this with hearts stitched on each triangle.

Lastly, I gave this purse as a kit; I purchased the pattern and chose the fabrics, and my Larry helped with the stylish B (for Barb). I didn't get it done, so I took it to her, and she finished it - beautifully, too!

~ Oh, you may want to go enter this giveaway, Cath has some great wool designs ~

That's how it is here this week. I'll be looking in on you!
Happy Quilting,


  1. You have had a busy week.

    Your mom's quilt is just lovely, and love the bag as well.

  2. LOve the floral quilts. Hope your classes went well.

  3. Looks like your classes were a success! And the floral quilt is right up my alley - love all the different prints together. A simple quilt can be wonderful and that one is. Carol

  4. I'm very happy to hear your lst class of E.S.L. Students went to well. Sounds like a great week. And how nice that there was a BBQ with host parents at the end of the week. Very special. I love your quilt projects too! Very cute.


  5. thanks for the birthday wish...your teaching experience sounds wonderful...

  6. That is quite the large class for ESL...we offer ESL at our schools and it only involves a few students at a time...bless you for all of your caring for the students! Pretty table topper, perfect with the squares, shows the fabrics well and has a refreshing summer look! Have a great week!

  7. I had no doubt things would go well with the kids. You have a definite gift working with that age group.

  8. What a nice experience. Teachers are such a blessing!

  9. LOVE your quilts and love your tale of the ESL students. I taught ESL to adults and loved every minute of it...that was in NJ before we retired and moved to Delaware. Sometimes I miss it.....

  10. Congratulations on a great finish with your ESL class. Kids - people - we are the same the world 'round, and it's heartwarming when one can make such a connection. I'm happy for you to have done that. God was definitely in the details there. Blessings on you for your efforts - and with quiltmaking too! You've made some lovely stuff.

  11. All that worry and it sounds like it everything turned out well. Love the table topper and the purse is adorable.

  12. I'm so glad it went well for you! I know you were anxious about it. I love how God turned it into a great week for you and for the kids.

    As always... love your creations!

    Have a delightful week Pokey!

  13. Hello Pokey, glad your week turned out well for you....darling quilt for your Mum...Warm Regards Lyn

  14. what fun that class must have been, glad it turned out ok for you
    great table topper, but I just love that bag!


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