Friday, September 25, 2009

Here in the world of everything new, for me, that is, I will try to add a photo of my half hexagon quilt, which I am trying to complete, or repair the little mistakes/unwanted pleats on the quilt back. Oh, the joys of trial and error. This will be the largest quilt I have ever made, and I am happy with it on the whole.
Aneela of Comfortstitching presented the half hexagon quilt-a-long on her blog and it inspired me to try it. So, two months later, I'm still working to complete it. Stay tuned I may show the errors.

Happy quilting, Pokey

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  1. Hi, Pokey! Thank you for visiting my blog. And welcome to blogging - I am sure you will love it. Such fun to visit other blogs and see what everyone is doing. Enjoy every minute of it! I am so glad I got in on this computer age! Carol


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